Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ultramarines, Black Templars, Dark angels, Space wolfs added to the campaign.

Even though Ultramarines are fighting Tyrranids durring the war, I think I should include them to make it easier for new players and people with an already Ultramarine army to play, You could play them as nova marines or errant marines too. For the same reason I have added Black Templars and Dark angels.
Black templars did participate just before everything went wrong in the Badab sector.
Dark angels a bit confiused and also to bulk up the enemy numbers.
Space wolfs also added because I know about 5 -6 space wolf players and its harsh asking them to make another Marine force. They might have a force in the badab sector and not so happy when Fire hawks bomb their homeworld. Better have painted armies of non participating chapters than unpainted marine forces that are supposed to be some chapter in the Badab war.
I hope there are no objections.

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.

So now there are 5 major chapters included (Ultramarines, Black Templars, Darkangels , Salamanders, Space Wolfs)
I believe that now covers all the marine codex's.
I would still like if players played with chapters in the story, lets not turn it into a ultra -Space wolf war.

If there are any objections let me know.
 I am trying to make it open and easier for everyone to take part.
If you want to change you army now with the new additions let me know, either here or facebook.

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