Thursday, 2 December 2010

About the campaign

I realy want this campaign to work, I want this to be fun and mind blowing for us players and something other gaming clubs would talk about and follow.

I am hopping to run and organise the Camapaign with my friend "Wookie" and one additional player.
Everything is just at the start so many things might change after a convertation with the participating players. So time and numbers are subject to change.

The Campaing will be taking its material from:
a) The Forgeworld - Imperial Armor 9 Badab War (Book
b) The Bell of Souls -The Badab War/ the fall of the Astral Claws.( PDF*)
c) Player sujestions and ideas

The campaign will be fought between the Loyalists and the Secessionists. More about Army selection further down. The Campaign itself will be split into 5 sections. Shadow of War, Tide of destruction, the bloody stars, the fall of the tyrant and the palace of Thorns.

 Each section of the campaign will last about 2 months,
that gives us 8 weeks which would be about 16 vets nights in GW Cambridge. The FW book sujests about 1000p games for the first phase. 2000p for the second phase and after that apocalypse games.
Also we can include boarding mission games (like space hulk), 40k in 40 minutes  games, aeronautica and battlefleet gothic,doubles,triples and some cool special missions given for each phase from the two books.
The Winner(s) of each game will gain Campain points for there side. The campain points will be set from the 3 organizers depending on the type of game and point size.
 At the end of the phase the side with the most campaing points will gain a bonus for the rest of the campaign and the final battle.   Example:  if the Loyalists win the can reroll there reserve rolls in phases 2,3,4. If the Secessionists win they get to reroll there scater rolls for deepstriking in phases 2,3,4.
The campaign points are reset at the begining of each phase.

 *The Bell of Souls -The Badab War/ the fall of the Astral Claws. PDF can be found here:

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