Tuesday, 28 February 2012

40k Doubles tournament in Cambridge

Good morning all,
Bellow I have a ton of announcements and events planned from the Sons of War Cambridge.

We have our first tournament planned!
It is a 2 week, 4 game tournament with 2 games per evening on consecutive Wednesdays!
The details are on the attached flier and it is a DOUBLES TOURNAMENT!
It is £5 to enter per person (but that includes both weeks club entry and prize fund)

So, grab a partner, throw together a 1500 point army and get on down to the club! Set up is from 6-6.30pm, then Round One is 2 hours, Round 2 is 2 hours. We have parking at the club and for free down Flamsteed Road.

If you need a partner, throw a post up on the club forum found at www.sonsofwar.org.uk and we'll find you someone to play with.

If Warhammer 40K is not your thing, we are also going to be running an Escalation Warhammer Fantasy League starting from 7th March - start at 500 points and add 500 points every month in manageable chunks...avoid having unpainted models backed up on your desk!! Great way to get some Fantasy in!! If you are an experienced player, come on down with a new army and build up over the months to the staggering sizes of Fantasy!

The perfect opportunity to learn to play and get those Christmas models on the tabletop finally!!

Love to mangle your opponent on the sportsfield? Love Warhammer? Want to do them both at once? BLOODBOWL RETURNS!! Starting 29th February we are running some starter games to get us back up to speed with the aim of running a BloodBowl Premier League starting 21st March  

Don't forget we still run Warmachine, Malifaux and regular pick up play for 40k. 

Everyone is welcome, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

working on some claws... My night Lord recipe 1.

Good morning everyone, I am working on the troops now.

I am just going to write down my recipe so I dont forget it.
First I spray the models chaos black
***Airbrushing ***
After trying tamya, vallejo, gw with various thiners, I have decided the only paints i am buying from now on for my airbrush is vallejo air. Need no thining, cheap price never clogs, never splats also it covers really nicely.
Then I zenith highlight with vallejo air white
Basecoat with Vallejo air blue 71.004
On the highlighted areas I airbrush with  Vallejo air light sea blue 71.089

Once dry I wash twice with GW asurmen blue with some added badab black 4/1
The red parts wings shoulder pad are painted with vallejo flat red.
The heads are painted with graveyard earth, then kommando haki and bleach bone for some edges.
and the base coat of the metal is vallejo brass.

I am trying to get the eyes glowing, I will get back to you on that.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Badab War Part 2. Planning for game 1.

Badab War part 2 is in 25th of May. So I will prepare from now. Maybe I will make it, maybe i will not paint the night before.

As a Back up plan I got my Fire Hawks. But I want to take my Nightlords to the fight.
I want to make a Chaos warband around Talos (main hero of the nightlord novels) the Badab war part 2 wekend has the following twist, make a hq ( there is a list. for example from chaos marines, it is a chaos lord, for marines a captain, for orks a warboss and etc.) tool him up to 150 points the points are free to spend. the hero counts as an hq. He is added for free in every game but you cant change him. Every Game has as a reward 2 special abilities, if you win the game you can choose one and add it to your hero for the rest of the games.

So the first game is
Game 1 – Passage Of the Unhallowed Heart
Long before the Badab Sector became synonymous
with mass betrayal of Space Marine against brother
Space Marine not seen since the events of the Heresy
thousands of years before, the Astral Claws, then led
by Chapter Master Rovik Blake met any threat thrown
originating from the Maelstrom. But then the long
range augurs detected a space hulk emerging from
the edge of the Maelstrom known as the Unhallowed
Heart. As it ploughed through space madness erupted
all around as within the craft were daemons spreading
palpable waves of emotion and insanity, infecting all
those nearby.
This mission represents the introduction of a new hero
who enters the fray ready to defeat his enemies and
protect what he believes is vital. As the ship moves from
system to system parts of it are raining down on the
surrounding planets. Each side intends to claim these
fallen parts, and either place them in quarantine for
close examination by the Inquisition or harvest them in
order to further their own power in the coming storm.

Points 500pts
Mission type Seize Ground with only 3 Objectives
Deployment Spearhead

Special Rules: The Maddening Warp is upon us!
At the start of each Game Turn each Objective moves
D6” in a random direction decided by the Scatter Dice.
This represents the daemon possessed hull of the
Unhallowed Heart wanting to diffuse into reality and
escape the clutches of its captors. (Note – this happens
whether an objective is claimed or not!)
Hero Upgrades
• Fearless
• Re–roll Morale and Pinning checks

Not ground breaking upgrades If I win i will be picking the Rerroll morall and pinning checks.

My list will be this:

Free HQ

Chaos Lord  90
Mark of Slannesh 5
Demon Weapon 40
Twin linked bolter 5


8 chaos space marines 120
melta  10

Rhino 35
 combi melta 10

5 plague marines  115

7 chaos raptors 140
1 champion 15
lightning claws 25
melta gun  10
melta gun 10

total 490

The plague marines sit on one objective while the rhino and raptors rush towards another objective Imight change the raptors for chosen that  can infiltrate or outflank. Any thoughts? any suggestions for another list? Do you think I need more troops?

Friday, 3 February 2012

Nightlord Rhino finished.

Hope you like it.

I have played some games with my warband.
2 wins 1 loss 1 draw.
the 2 wins were vs nids and imperial fists.
the draw was vs sisters of battle.

And the loss was vs blood angels- kill points. Really really comon thing to say but some bad dice rolls cost me the game. He had 5 scouts 5 assault marines and a death company dread. I took 2 shoots vs the dread i missed the other penetrated and I rolled a 1. My chosen fail to assault the scouts cause I rolled a 1,2.
Next turn the dread slices through my tactical after it shot my rhino.
On my next turn I want to shoot the dread with the meltas but fail again to go down a floor 2,2. So instead I assault the scouts. the chosen kills the scouts the dread kills the lord.
On his turn the dread goes up 2 floors with move and fleet and assaults my chosen. 2 melta bombs 2,2
4 krak granades not one 6. I die.
So basicly he beat me with 1 dreadnaught.

Oh and the imperial fist tank shoked me with a rhino I do an auto hit melta shot. 1,1.
Any sujestion to make my meltas hit and shoot?
I hope Matt ward rewrites the chaos space marine fluff and make salamanders a traitor legion, then I can take Hestan and reroll failed meltas!

Its ok though guys chill, I got it.

I bought new dice.