Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Display Board for Armies Parade and Space Marine game.

Hello All,
After alot of work the display board is nearly done, I presented it to the cambridge store and won the army parade badge

Were are some pictures of the board not final though.

So in less than 2 weeks I am taking it to Games Day,  having seen some board online, I am confidant for my entry, soon I will now.I need to repaint the portal add some vines and I also want to add the new saurus oldblood.

Space Marine the game.

I am not known to jump at every thing gw makes and releases, (eg. the movie ultramarines was full of flaws and simply badly writen and made) but this game released from relic is amaging. 

If you have not yet lost sleep over it the at least try the demo, its available for all consoles.
The missions in the single player are intresting, fun and true to 40k muth. 
Space marines are super human beings, and what better way to show that putting them next to guardsmen.
Which guardsmen stand up when they see you and address you as lord.It ads a good genuine feeling to the importance and power of the space marine. 3 ultramarines accomplish more the thousands of IG.
Story is awesome, capaign is awesome, multiplayer is awesome, shooting is awesome, combat is awesome, orks are awesome, everything is awesome. Try the demo.
If anyone did not like it, or not like something please post bellow, I am curious.
I heard that one magazines only complaint in their review is that they say the word "space marine" too often.
for me the only flawis that later in the game you can find power axes and thunder hamers layed inside crates.
I would also like in the multiplayer when you get a kill your marine gets to say something 40k. "die heretic" "for the emperor" "go back to the warp fallen one" " my shield is my faith" "death to the false emperor" "for Chaos" " fail like your falen god" "witnwess the try powers"  and the list goes on.