Friday, 13 April 2012

4 years of 40k. Painted armies and grey models , armies in the pipeline. Part 4

Chaos marines Slaanesh...
Fire Hawks...

you would think I have enough, but no. Ever since 300 (2006) I wanted a greek warhammer army in fantasy, probably with chaos warriors but at that point I was busy with my Lizardmen and I still did not feel I could do them up to the standard I wanted. There were no bits for them either. My first play with them was back in 2009. Sculpting was still new to me too.

2010 I experimented again, gw released the blood angels sanguinary kit which has a great body for my greek marines and black lotus relased some nice greek heads that combined with the tutorials from Master of the forge gave me this.

While I was tinkering with the build I did not know which army book to use for them.
Back then it was space wolfs, thunderwolfs so i got back then archaions horse and went to work on it.

Today it is most likely I will use grey knights,  power weapons and storm bolters. the only draw back is that they do not have stormshields something I want in the army, I might just give them shields anyway. Lets see what chaos codex and dark engels give us.

Today 2012.
Two week ago puppetswar released the most amazing thing for my army; futuristic greek style helmets!
( they are doing some realy nice stuff, good quality and great prices.)

I think its like a dream come true.
I am going to magnetize the hands, I will use gw torsos and not try and make my own. 2-3 from the sanguinary kit are sutable with minor modifications and I like 2 of the space wolf ones. The one bellow and one from the new thunderwolf kit same style.

Because I have made them true scale I am using terminator arms, so I will need alot of terminator stormbolters.

The background of the army I had writen ages ago, the army will be like deathwatch but with anchient greek chapters unsted of your regular chapter marines. They have abandoned the emperor in their pocket in the galaxy and gone back to worshiping the 12 gods of olympous.

Monday, 2 April 2012

4 models finished, 40k objective, Fantasy Unit Filler, Nakai & Thunderwolf.

Here is my finished 40k objective.

Nakai the wanderer

And some mobile shots of the thunderwolf.

Next up I am hopping to work on some of my greek marines.