Thursday, 16 December 2010

Loyal to the story Bonus / Painted Forces

Loyal to the story Bonus

After releasing the campaign to all the space marine factions I have been thinking of a way to reward players that are using a marine chapter loyal to the story*. I am thinking to give a percentage of points to the players when playing against a non loyal to the story chapter. I am considering a 10% point bonus.
Here is an example. A Marine errants army faces a space wolf army in a 1000 point game.
The marine Errant chapter is loyal to the story while the space wolfs are not. The Marine Errants gets a 10% bonus points of there force which in 1000p is 100 points, about 6 marines or 2 terminators.
The bonus is only applied when playing a loyal to the story army against a non loyal army.
With the allowance of chapters that did not take part in the Badab war and the Loyal to the story Bonus; players are free to use and build on their coexisting armies and those to decide to do or have a chapter loyal to the story get a small bonus for their effort.

    *Loyal to the story= Space marine chapters that took part in the Badab war listed in the Imperial armor book. Ultramarines, Space wolfs , Black Templars and Dark angels are not loyal to the story, IG are on both sides.

Painted Forces
To award players with painted armies, at the end of each phase you will be awarded with campaign point if you have painted the following.

Phase 1: you gain 1 campaign point if you have 1000p painted
Phase 2 :you gain 1 campaign point if you have 1500p painted
Phase 4: you gain 1 campaign point if you have 2000p painted.

Also I will try to take photos of all armies during games when present. I can post photos we take on the blog. Photos of battles with fully painted armies I will send to “Whats new today” and see if we can get mentioned.

Nothing of the above is finalized, tell me if you think its fair, unfair or the percentage is too much, on facebook, the blog or in store.

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