Friday, 14 January 2011

Players Count Updated/ GW releases Errata/FAQ for rule book and some codex's.

Players count  is now updated. 10-10 with still 4-5 people intrested.

Gw releases GW releases Errata/FAQ for rule book and some codex's.

+3 inv storm shields for everyone!! (space marine that is)

Show and tell 4: Chris's Lamenters

Hi. I’m Chris Brighton, the campaign’s Lamenters player. Many of you probably don’t know me (and I don’t know many of you). This is because I only moved to the area (Haverhill, though I have worked at Addenbrookes for almost 3 years now) in September and am primarily a painter and a very lazy gamer. This is about to change.

This is my first Sanguinary Priest. I have deliberately converted him to carry the Red Grail so that I can use him as a Corbulo counts-as if I so desire.  I’ve spent a vast amount of time on this model and am delighted with the results. It’s the small details which I love – the blood vials on the exsanguinator and backpack, the gems and lenses, and even the Chapter Icon. Unfortunately I will not have the time to paint my entire army quite to this standard! The mustard yellow is built up using Iyanden Darksun mixed with Bleached Bone, and the Chapter Icon is a transfer I have made myself, with the chequer-board pattern being filled in with a 0.2mm pigment pen. A lot of people ask me about my gold. It is actually a mix of Dwarf Bronze, Scorched Brown and Mithril Silver. I use it because IMO the GW gold paints are too ‘yellow’ in appearance.

Why Lamenters?
Because I am a Blood Angel, and always have been: Flesh Eaters in Rogue Trader, Blood Angels in 2nd ed, Flesh Tearers in 3rd (a foray into Witch Hunters in 4th, but that’s not relevant). I had been away from the hobby for a while playing Warmachine and becoming rather good at it. Then Space Hulk and the 5th ed Blood Angels Codex came out. I spent most of 2010 painting Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers, then had to sell a lot of them to help fund the purchase of my house. I was planning on continuing the Flesh Tearers into 2011, but when this campaign came along I surrendered to the challenge of painting Lamenters. They are the only Badab army that uses the Blood Angels Codex, so I want them!

Favourite unit?
I have a few: the Storm Raven (though I’m not 100% sold on the appearance of the model yet), Dreadnoughts with Talons and (of course) Sanguinary Priests. I have heard many people complaining that the BA Codex is overpowered and I strongly disagree with them – if it was THAT powerful, then someone would have spotted it in playtesting, surely? I concede though that it does compare very favourably to 4th edition Codices , and I may be inclined to agree with the detractors when it comes to Sanguinary Priests. This is not because their ability is game-breakingly powerful, but because it is quite honestly undercosted. The force multipliers that the Priest brings are such good value that Priests are pretty much ubiquitous in BA lists (the BA Force organisation chart is actually 1-2 HQ, 2-6 Troops, 0-3 Fast Attack, 0-3 Heavy Support, Priests & 0-2 Elites!).

Long term goals?
I want a 1000-point list that features Malakim Phoros in some way, just for fluff reasons. I don’t think that he’s a very good character (he’s not bad, though) but want to make use of him none-the-less. After that, I will be building up to a 2000-point list with a couple of Storm Ravens and a Mephiston counts-as. And Furioso Dreadnoughts. Actually, just Dreadnoughts in general would make me happy! Hopefully I will make some new friends along the way, actually finish painting an army, and lay some smackdown on the table. Secessionists FTW!

Show and tell 3: Alex's Dark Angels.

Alex has an already impresive force of Dark Angels, he is currently re working on some models of his for the war. Read all about it here:

Alex should also be happy with +3inv storm shields now!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Show and Tell 2: Dimitri's Fire Hawks.

I thought I should present my own work to get things started.

Why did you choose Fire Hawks?
It all stated back a while ago when  was looking into the back ground of the legion of the damned. I like the models and want to paint them and play with them in the future. I wanted the army to use the Space marine codex and not some non official with tactical units of legion of the damned. I then though what more natural  for a super enhanced-unatural-specter-warrior to look for its old chapter. I found the fire hawks and then I found the Badab Campaign. 

Cool colours + cool background + legion of the damned=  Awesome (in my books).
Other chapters I thought of  making were Novamarines (company of terminators), red scorpions (FNP and nice FW stuff), raptors dead easy colour scheme.

Size and composition of the army.
What will be in the army will be a mixture of restrictions what I like and what I have.
my restrictions were
  •  no scouts, fire hawks are too "loud" to have scouts.
  • no legion of the damned, in the timeline legion of the damned were not "created" until later, they will appear in 1500p meta-campaign games.
  • keep it light on the elite choices, elites are cool but in the future i will have 1-2 legion of the damned units in 1500p so no need for many elites.
What I have 20 marines, 5 termies 2-3 dreads 1LR.

What I like:
Well pretty much everything.

So I will have 2 tactical squads or more.
1 LR redeemer with 5 termies and Chapter master.
1 LR
6-10 sternguard
6-10 vanguard vets.
1 assault squad maybe 2.
1 unit of devastators
3 vindicators
2 rhinos
1 razorback
1 attack bike

After all of the above I will reconsider.

My best unit I think will be my Vanguard Vet. Deep strike randomly behind enemy lines and assault, lots of things can go wrong, its fun.

Colour recipe was
Grey undercoat
bestial brown 50% +scab red 50%
add to the above mix golden brown 50%
golden brown
bleached bone
Wash with red wash

Next on my list
1 more tactical squad
5 terminators

Sternguard Veterans

Sternguard veterans

If you would like to show and tell send me a email or talk to me in store.

Vanguard Veterans

Show and tell 1: Andy's Novamarines.

First show and tell comes from "store Andy" with his Novamarine sergeant.
Store Andy has is taking Novamarines to war. When I asked him why he choose them, Andy gave me a few reasons:
  • He wanted to paint a quarter scheme army.
  • He wanted to do a proper chapter army.
  • And he realy liked the rules for Campain Mordaci Braylock which makes terminators count as scoring units.
When asked what does he think his favorite models will be ( cool looking or good in game) Andy said: "Sternguard and terminators with Mordaci".  I dont think you can dissagree with that.