Thursday, 27 December 2012

Kill team for 13 of April

Dear readers I hope you had a good Christmass,
I got 30£ gw vouchers and a box of scouts, but today I am posting about something that has me very excited, I have decided my next kill team for 13 of April! There is nothing wrong with my nightlords, I love them and they performed great. But  I want to raise the WOW factor. I have decided to not playtest vs demons, and just make what I think is cool and still playable.

I will be using 9 grey knights with psybolts. TA dA! not impresed?
what if they were made out from Librarians from eight different chapters,
.... and had been captured by Kairos and had their spells erased,
...and now were trying to exit the warp worlds while chasing Kairos.

I have a story in my mind, which I want to make into a comic.
Sometimes when a librarian causes a perils of the warp his mind is frazled but some rare occations Kairos will grab and pull into the warp some librarian he sees fit for eternal torment. He places them on this 3 level plave dimension and has them magicaly chained on large X's.

He scars their forehead removing their known spells (this way ingame they dont know 18 different spells). The librarians escape when the (grey knight still not sure) voleneraly stops his mechanical hearts, is dragged to the death plane (a plane covered in dead librarian armor, weaponary and skulls) he is then brought back to life when the remaining librarians still tied up reactivate one of his  hearts with focused telekinisis, he then ignites his other 2 hearts, recovers his weaponary slains 4 horors-lakeys and releases his brothers. He directs them to the death plane and they are advised to search for grey knight blades for killing demons and stormbolters (best gun).
They await for Kairos to reapear as he pulls through another grey knight they wound him with the storm bolters bleeds panics and exits the realm prison the librarians jump into the portal left behind him, They will slay scores of demons as they chase Kairos. My objective will be a portal.
also the newcomer grey knight will teach them hammerhands and the other grey knight spell.

My librarians will be might change, I want them to be colour full,

Blood Angel blue with red shoulder pad                rage
Space wolf sace wolf grey                                       frenzy
2 grey knights silver 1                                              fnp
Salamander  black with flames (will look like a legion of the damned)
Imperial fists blue with yellow shoulder pad
Ultramarine  all blue
White scars   whire
Exorsist librarian - Malachite Red 

I am trying to add alot of colours to the unit I got all black, all white , all spacewolf grey, red, silver, and variations of blue, I would like to cut the ultramarines for something more interesting.

Do you know any intresting sceme for librarian to recomend?

Friday, 21 December 2012

2012 - Looking back...

1) Nightlord rhino with combi melta  45

2) Ork objective

3) Vampire counts unit filler.

4) 10 nightlords 200p
 +10 nightlords 200

5) A vampire army 1800p

6) A chaos space marine nunrgle army 1850

7) Another chaos space marine nurgle army 1850

8) Small grey knight force 750p

9) Fantasy shaman 100p

10) 2 rhinos 1 pod 3 thunderwolfs 5 wolfs 5 terminators 15 troops. 715p

11) Nakay the anchient kroxigor 65p
That is about 7600p painted mixed 40k and fantasy. 20.8 points every day , which is 1 grey knight space marine every day, pretty impressive.
Obviously its not the quantity but the quality, some of my stuff is quite good if I might say so.

+ Lots of convertions,
still working on greek marines and parashute orks.

So plans for 2013,
1) Get married.
2) lose weight.
3) a few drop pods for firehawks and improve some minis 
4) Typhous and 81 zombies army.
5) Nighlords army
6) Greek Marines.

Not all will probably be completed and not in that order but we will give it a try.
If I dont post until 2013 I wish all my readers Merry Christmass and a happy new year, Health and strenght to you all!  And death to the falce emperor!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Aaron Dembski-Bowden approves my First Claw.

Two days after the kill team  event I took some pictures of my kill team to put on this blog, some forums and facebook, I also posted them on Aaron Dembski-Bowden  facebook page. This is what followed:

Those few words beat any award I could be given (maybe even a golden deamon); recognition from the creator and author of the first claw. He is my favourite writer and  I have expressed my admiration for his work on this blog, on forums and verbally. I am really happy, makes me feel really recogniced and I will use that feeling to continue on the nightlords, my next plan for them is Variel and maybe 10 bleeding eye raptors.

But before that I need to make a nurgle landing pad and some zombies...
...and maybe touch up on some firehawks

Monday, 17 December 2012

Kill team at GAMES WORKSHOP report.

Hello readers,
I am going to write my adventurous Saturday where I played 40k Kill teams in warhammer world.

5:15 am
   Wake up, shower, pack away Uzas (blood on his blade was still drying the night before) double checked I got everything and cycled into the night.

  On the train. sleep -sleep

Back in warhammer world, I registered and set up my stuff and unpack the claws, already I get some nice comments about them,

Game 1
First game of the day is against grey knights, a strong codex. Thankfully my opponent did not invest in psybolts.

All is going well for my team, then I realise there are only 2 minutes on the clock, when time runs out everything stops. So I quickly take a melta shot and kill a greyknight and xarl takes another one in combat, he dies too. I pass the turn quickly and he is forced to take his first break test been below have strenght, and he passes it.  But only the fact that he took the test gives me +5vp points.
His flammer guy had torrent. I can't remember his other USR.

10:20 Game 2 against Davids Necrons.

David informs me that reanimation protocols work for each one, GW teams ruling.
He has 2 destroyers that have str 5 (I think) ap3 2 shots, he has given one large plast and the other torrent and has the rest of the points on warriors with one fleshrender USR.
 So basicly hes shoots 2 large templates ap3, fuck!
I spread my marines out and have them in cover, the template his 1 miniature at a time goes on psykcer and i go to ground and save,. next turn the same. I kill a bucnh of his guys some dont go up, I also take down the 2 destroyers but the blast template gets up again.
Talos dies having failed a 5" charge, but I hold the objective killed 2 specialists and make him take a test.
The objective was taken by the poor psycker who did nothing but go to ground trying to stay alive.
I win in points but he gains 10 too, but in this format the only thing you should care about is geting vp, not how many you give away.

 11:10 Game 3 against Gareths Sternguard
And 3rd game I go second.
Gareth invested in some specialist weapons,where I personally think you just try and get as many bodies of sternguard you can. He had Smash and gave his heavy bolter large blast, so he did 3 large blast str 5 templates. turn 2 I had lost 4 guys but after that with some lucky roles and having more bodies I wiped him out having 3 chaos warriors left.

12:00 Game 4 Against Joes nids

I ask Jo a few things about his nids and realize they are shooty nids not combat, his boss has large blast.
I play very agressivly and with some good shooting I take 2 out by turn 2. Talos killed 2 nids in that game.
Before the time ends I wipe him out.

Lunch break- turkey and stuffing pie.

1:45 Game 5 Table 4 against IG.

I was playing against Vostroyans, he had a psycker that does 2d6 and since you can split the shoots...
He has a melta with torrent.
I feel confident against this army, an army nightlord would charge and scare the living hell out of those soldiers. We have come for you!
Also 1st game I go first! and he steals the initiative moves his melta guy and kills xarl and my psycker!:-{
My turn I move towards him kill the melta and his psycker, with the two major threats out I just need to survive the laspistols and sniper shoots he was unlucky I was lucky I slaughtered all his troops but one and the time ran out. 14 points for me.

2:35 game 6 table 3. Demons!
On Table 2 three paladins go against some necrons.
I managed to avoid demons for 5 games and I was happy for that.

Torrent on a flammer rage on a screamer and another flammer had pcycker.
I had some bad shooting, and my psycker of all games blows him self up.Against demons you do not get a second chance. He tabled me and had time to get a bear too. Realy really one sided game. He gets 17p I get 0.

3:25  Game 7 against eldar He has 5 firedragons with meltas (torent melta) and 10 warriors.
I go second again.
I did had some bad roles he saved alot on a 4+ then I make a mistake and forgot to assault his last melta that screwed me over, also its a bad day when a chaos space marine dies in combat from a warriors single attack. Bad luck + mistakes cost me the game, still it was a battle and close (I needed to kill one more to cause break test). Still enjoyable and lovey painted army. Here is a picture of them in another game.

I also noticed that he then went on to play table 2 against 8 flammers and got tabled. That could have been me if I won.

4:15 game 8 Grey knights.
Sorry no picture, I tabled them with 3 minutes left. 17 points.

Awards -final standings.

I came 12th with 91 points, 6 wins 2 losses. I can only be happy with that result, its a game and a bad dice roll can cost you, there is no reason why when making a break test I can't roll a 11 or 12. Some games I was lucky some unlucky. The power of the demons is annoying, no list seemed superior to another I can win the eldar , I can lose against the necrons grey knights and sternguard. But against demons I feel helpless.
If I attend the next kill team it will be with a list set vs demons.

the best kill team award was won with 5 space hulk terminators.

5 blood angels, lovely paint job, but 0 conversion.  They do have a kill team feel I suppose, it just looks like best painted award.

The event was a relatively cheap enjoyable event. I would like to go to the next one if I can find a space marine solution to demons and have company to geek out with.

Possible lists
I was thinking of 9 grey knight troops with psybolt. give the leader feel no pain.  18 str5 shoots at 24 inches is brilliant, the have preferred enemy demons, can instant kill demons, they are all psycker so +5 deny the witch, charging demons makes the demons ini1.
 Disadvantages are if I lose the Sergeant I am at ld8 but I suppose all space marines are like that and  no save vs demons.
Another possible list is 10 death company, 10 shoots str 4 at 24, but relentless feel no pain, and 4 attacks on the charge.
And finally 7 thousand sons +3inv. but might fail against other armies.

Also they released the new rulepack, torrent, blast, smash, demon, psycker, and many more have been left out.

What do you think?

Friday, 7 December 2012

Kill team update 1 week left.

Hello readers, today's post is all about Kill team.

First I will start with my Kill teams theme tune...

Now I played 3 games against Neil's 24 orks. I lost 2 won 1 all were very close games and again my luck was awful, yes I am blaming the dice rolls again, 3 games I never won the roll to go first, Neil was king enough to let me go first at the last game.
Heavy bolter vs ork 2 hits , 1,1 to wound.  Then the same ork walks up takes to shots and kills the heavy bolter.
My champion Talos with 3 novels and half a dozen short stories died to snapfire while charging a ork.
how many orks did i kill with snap fire in 3 games? none.
3 attacks ap2 going first vs 2 ork attacks (5s to wound) = 1 dead nightlord.

Even Neil felt bad and tried to apologize.
Still fun games.

Already I learnt a couple of things, you smart people would have figured out faster.
  • Guys without combat weapons go in the front, when attacking with Xarl (smash) its probably better 1 or 2 attacks at str8 than 2 or 3 at str 4.
  • Unlike fantasy psykers choose their spells lores at the beginning of the game, which makes my psycker extra flexible, Neil had 3 bikes one had shroud one had stealth so a +2 and +3 cover save. My plan with the psyker was always to get smite, but since I can select between biomancy, pyromancy and telepathy I took Psychic shriek, which I think is smart 3d6 ld test on ld 7 orks. But with my luck I failed it twice, killed an ork and 1 roll he rolled 7 in 3 dice, and then for his shooting from his bikes with rerolls rolls nothing but 5,6. 
GW warhammer world asked yesterday what people are talking to the event, seems alot of people are talking optimised lists. I don't know how good are the following lists declared:

8 flammers
 4 Thunderwolfs
wraiths with coils and deathmarks
3 terminators and 15 cultists
a couple of knight armies

 chaos dread with 3 bikes.

Seems Talos and his warband will have quite a struggle. 
Like how can I win 8 flamers with 10 chaos marines they move 12" and shoot a flammer template with a simple 50% to kill me. If I charge them I will probably loose 1 marine to overwatch. I will just try to kill them with long shots and the heavy bolter, but they are also 2 wounds. 

Back to the hobby,
Here is a wip of my psycker and Talos. I am hopping to have them ready to paint by Monday.
I would also like to have the psycker, 10 bases and the 4 nightlord marines all painted until monday, that will give me 5 days for the 4 nightlords. 5 days that include a kill team mini tournament, watching the Hobbit  and painting some house walls, oh I am such a martyr!

I have avoided kickstarters, scifi bloodbowl, other game systems. So this is what I plan to buy from forgeworld.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A few competitions for you to vote on.

Good morning readers,
I would  like to bring to your attention a couple of online competitions that I have entered.

The first one is at

TFP: The Badab Project.

It is a bunch of Death Watch marines people painted for charity.

The second one is

Standard Template Construct

It is about models of chaos.


Just vote for what you like the most. 

Monday, 3 December 2012

Kill team with nightlords

I will come back to blog wars 4 but for my forth and last post today, I will talk about my next event in less than 2 weeks, its a kill team event in gw.

My target for this is win 4 out of 6 games and get nominated for a painting prize.
I updated my counter on the right to the event.
I am going solo to this event, but the guys at the club have shown intrest to play test with me the two coming wednesdays.

I will be taking ten chaos space marine Nightlords, based on Aaron Dembski-Bowden Nightlord novels. These books are a my favorite BL novels massive fan.

My previous calculation were wrong I can't afford mark of nurgle for 10 of them (30p)

Here is my list
+++ No Name (200pts) +++
+++ 0pt Chaos space marines 6th ed Roster (Standard)) +++


Chaos space marines 6th ed (Standard) Selections:

    * Chaos Space Marines (200pts)
        5x Additional Chaos Marines (65pts), Autocannon (10pts), Bolt Pistol, 6x Close Combat Weapon (12pts), Meltagun (10pts), None, Veterans of the Long War (10pts)
        * Aspiring Champion (18pts)
            Combi-bolter (3pts), Power Weapon (15pts)

Special abilities, I have been thinking about the powers, my first thought is smash to Xarl

Rage to Uzas


And master crafted to Talos blood angel powersword.

But I have reconsidered since Friday.
Adding a psycker would give me access to biomancy and smite a useful tool against ap2 armour and a nice chance to make a psycker.

Also instead of making the blade master crafted I could give Talos Shrouded (a +2 to his cover saves)

The only question is once again do I have time to make an additional sorcerer.

Here is my force so far:

I have had discusstions about the best 200p force and there were alot of choices:
5 Sanginary guard
9 grey knight stike squad with psybolts.
3  chaos terminators and cultists

1 chaos dread and 3 spawns.

Blog wars 4 analysis: Steve's Demons.

I will analyze a couple of army lists I saw the past weekend, one at a time.

I played last week a game with Steve's demons and won, maybe cause his force came in the wrong order.
We played again at blog wars and I got tabled.His demons showed up this time in right order and my epidemius came in turn 4.
Even after our first game I was still pretty amazed how strong his list was, it does not win any originality award and utilizes on the best units with multiples of them. But it is a very strong list.

Steves demons were something like this:

    * Bloodthirster
    * Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch Elites

        4x Flamer of Tzeentch
        4x Flamer of Tzeentch
        4x Flamer of Tzeentch  

       5x Pink Horror
        5x Pink Horror

   5x Plaguebearers of Nurgle
 5x Plaguebearers of Nurgle
 3x Screamer of Tzeentch

     Daemon Prince of Chaos wings breath
     Daemon Prince of Chaos wings breath
     Daemon Prince of Chaos wings breath

       I realy like the list, yes it repetitive but still bloody cool and strong. The list has 16 no cover , no armour on a 4 you die flammer templates, they can kill terminators, scores of orks or land raiders with the same ease, it can be unstable if you mishap or get the wrong force in.
The best part for the demon princes is that they can deep strike into flying mode, so you can not assault them or shoot them down easily, this has put me in thought about my own list.
The majority of models have a 5+ inv which is rerollable if close to fateweaver,
So the army deals loads of pain during the shooting phase but what about combat, the 4d3 wound on +4 no armour save makes you rethink charging the flammers, my best result was charging them with the leftover 2 marines from a unit and then charge with a whole other unit, in combat they are no monters but with 2 wounds and a inv save they will hold you up. The screamers have 3 attacks ap3.

I was really thinking of making this list after my first game with Steve,
but maybe lose the screamers and plaguebearers for a mono god list which might not be as good.
I decided though that having 4 armies on queue was bad enough.

But if I did do an army like this I would  use very little from the demon range.
It would be a ghost thousand son army.

the flamers would be thousand sons with heavy flamer, a bit like legion of the damned

The demon princes would be wingless ogre size Sorcerers on disks holding  flaming staffs (turquoise.flames)


I suppose I would use horrors as horrors and screamers as screamers. Hopefully that would not confuse my opponents. Any thoughts about the list?