Friday, 3 December 2010

Chapter Review: Minotaurs

Their chapter's name symbolizes the way they fight: up close and personal.
They were created during the cursed 21st founding, and are rumored to
be unpredictable and unreliable, just like a bull.
They excel in close combat.


Notable CampaignsEdit  href=

Rynn's WorldEdit  href=

This chapter saw action on Rynn's World during the attempt to reclaim the Crimpson's fist home world from the Orks

Badab Uprising

The most famous of the Minotaurs actions though, was an assault against the Lamenters fleet during the Badab war.

Building an army of Minotaurs
The only special character is Captain Minos (from the Bell of lost souls PDF). But he seems more than enough.
He wears power armour and a halo helping him stay alive. He has a normal stat line for a Captain. He also comes with counter attack and hit and run. He is a bit of an attacking monster with a relic blade and berserk giving him 5 attacks on the charge. He will slice through marines and terminators before they can attack back.
He turns tactical squads into something similar to space wolf blood claws (2 c.c weapons and counter charge) with hit and run. Marines with two close combat weapons anyone?

There is also the option of Taurus Guard which replaces assault terminators.
Basically you pay 2pt per model for counterattack not bad, not bad at all.

Clearly the Captain Minos and the Taurus guard and the altered tactical squads will benefit in close combat which is what the army is supposed to do in the story. Again Terminators in land raiders come to mind, but you might want to try deep striking with storm shields since you probably get the bonus attack if charged.
 Sternguard vets are always going to be a valuable unit in any space marine army in this war.
A minotaur army played well will excel in boarding missions.

If we do end up with a minautaur player and a Lamenters player there are two scenarios they can play to represent the historical boarding of the minautaurs upon the Lacrumas Vex and the Banshees Cry.
The first is is a space hulk style game (boarding mission with 25-30 models each, and the second is fought upon the ship bridge 1500pt of lamenters HQ vs 1500pt of Minotaurs (full rules in bell of lost souls pdf).

Why do Minotaurs?
  • No one has them in Cambridge or at least I have not that I have seen.
  • Have the upper hand in C.C. with counter charge, hit and run and an additional weapon.
  • Play marines a bit like Orks but instead of trucks you have land raiders.
  • Kick some Lamenter ass.
  • Make bull noises during the game.

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