Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Show us you chapter.

Forces are gathering and chapters prepare for war. The manifactoriums are working at full power.
The progress of our army's are all in many diffrent stages:
  • Some people are still thinking if they want to take part or not,
  • deciding which chapter to select,
  • creating 400,1000,1500 army lists.
  • trying to nail the colour sceme,
  • assembling their models
  • and others painting.
Display your chapter on the blog

The blog need some photos of your work. Get your chapter on the blog for the world to admire!
Be it  assembly or painting or army list we want to see it. You can send pictures of your progress along with some comments about it: why did you chose your chapter? What are you putting in it? How are you going to paint and base it? What parts did you use to make, etc.
My email is dkiourtsoglou@hotmail.com.
I will also try and bring my camera on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; starting from tomorrow.

Display your chapter in the store

Andy liked the idea of each of us painting one marine of our chapter and display them in the store cabinet. I think he will be more than happy to have a part of a shelf for the chapters in the campaign on display.
Its also good advertising for the campaign.

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