Monday, 31 October 2011

Planetary empires, orks,demons, chaos lord and a bit of 3d animation.

Hello all,

Sorry for my lack of posts I have been a bit busy.

 Planetary Empires

First of all Planetary empires is comming up next month.
You are allowed to play with diffrent armies between the games.

So the first game is 500p. spearhead 3 objectives.
For this I am thinking of using my Slannesh marines
 Chaos Demon Prince Wings slannesh 135p
Chaos Sorcerer with mark of slannesh and Lash of submition 125p
5 noice marines +1 champion power weapon doom siren 165p
5 chaos marines 75p

Total 500p

5 chaos marines hold one objective
the 6 noice marines and sorcerer run towards the mid objective lash  and doom siren.
and the demon prince moves in were needed.

There are another 4 missions I will look into them eventualy.


Next up the orks.

Ever since I bought the Limited edition forgeworld squadron ork I have wanted to do an flying ork army.
This model is not painted by me I found it on cool mini or not.
I have not seen a properly flying ork army. If you have please link pictures I am intrested to see.

Also with imperial armor 2, the updated version, chinorks are now legal for 40k. they cost 65p are armor 10 all around fast, skimmer, can take 10 orks, counts as a fast choise and can come in a squadron of 1-3.

So my idea is 3x10 boys in 3 chinorks.
5 deffcoptas
a number of gretchin with the limited edition ork as runtherd
an ork mindlayer counts as battlewaggon.
1 deff dread I like the model and already own it, I imageine it is droped of by the mindlayer.

The name and tribe of these orks is the flying deathmachines.
First I will make the 30 boys 3 chinorks and 5 deffcoptas and then I will move on.
I already own the models the chinorks I will attempt to scratch build because 1 65p chinork costs 63£.

So i started with the boys I wanted them all in parashute's, so i bought a box of stormboys hacked at the torso and added a back and front parashute.

Replicated the effect 23 times

And added head legs and feet.

I think they look really cool and when painted and placed on a helicopter even cooler

I also painted some more of my hybrid, soon to sell demon army.
I am now up to 50 hours and have finished the demon prince and the 4 bloodcrushers,
I have left 10 bloodletters and some bassing.

I estimate about 5-10 more hours to finish the army, bringing it to 55-60 hours of work.
Then I will estimate cost of models paints,magnets and hopefully add areasonable painting fee on top.
The army is made in such a way that it can be used for 40k and fantasy. More details and final pictures very soon in the future.

Chaos Lord Commision

This is a chaos lord I painted as a comission its an amazing model and real fun to paint.

3d animation.
I am doing this semester a module in anglia ruskin university 3d modeling and animation.
I find it very creative. The final assignent is to produce a 30 sec animation of star wars.
I asked my lecturer if I could do 40k he is fine with it.
Initialy i wanted to do the scene from the novel Soul hunter when Talos kills the bloodangel marine inside the dreadnought.  But my lecturer adviced me insted of chaps marines use something robotic instead because of the complexity, and I can see he was right.
So I replaced the night lords for necrons.
So the 3 models I made were a dreadnought, a necron lord and necron destroyers.
In the following lessons we will be learining 3d animation. I also attached my story board.

Longest post ever...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Display Board for Armies Parade and Space Marine game.

Hello All,
After alot of work the display board is nearly done, I presented it to the cambridge store and won the army parade badge

Were are some pictures of the board not final though.

So in less than 2 weeks I am taking it to Games Day,  having seen some board online, I am confidant for my entry, soon I will now.I need to repaint the portal add some vines and I also want to add the new saurus oldblood.

Space Marine the game.

I am not known to jump at every thing gw makes and releases, (eg. the movie ultramarines was full of flaws and simply badly writen and made) but this game released from relic is amaging. 

If you have not yet lost sleep over it the at least try the demo, its available for all consoles.
The missions in the single player are intresting, fun and true to 40k muth. 
Space marines are super human beings, and what better way to show that putting them next to guardsmen.
Which guardsmen stand up when they see you and address you as lord.It ads a good genuine feeling to the importance and power of the space marine. 3 ultramarines accomplish more the thousands of IG.
Story is awesome, capaign is awesome, multiplayer is awesome, shooting is awesome, combat is awesome, orks are awesome, everything is awesome. Try the demo.
If anyone did not like it, or not like something please post bellow, I am curious.
I heard that one magazines only complaint in their review is that they say the word "space marine" too often.
for me the only flawis that later in the game you can find power axes and thunder hamers layed inside crates.
I would also like in the multiplayer when you get a kill your marine gets to say something 40k. "die heretic" "for the emperor" "go back to the warp fallen one" " my shield is my faith" "death to the false emperor" "for Chaos" " fail like your falen god" "witnwess the try powers"  and the list goes on.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Grey knights / Army parade Display board /exorsists.

Hello all,
I thought I should show some signs of life. I have been realy busy building a temple for my Lizardmen for armies parade.
First though my weekend experiment: A while ago I bought 10 grey knight termies, a dreadknight and a LR second hand.
I wanted to try this crome paint I got at a miniature convention.
So this past weekend i got busy.

This is the army I bought. Pretty decent table top

Saturday 10:00 they visit the fairy!




Bases airbrushed

Sunday 11:00 nice and shine, detail left to be done and washes. Vehicle and dreadnight need some masking and some red white stripes.




Lizardmen Display board for Armies parade

So 2 weeks ago i decided to have a go at the armies parade. Already Games day USA produced 2 amazing lizardmen armies and boards. So the standard is high.

Here are a few WIP photos:












I  played a game vs gray knights and a second look through the units again and please allow me to re-emphasize on the obvious: OMG HOW good are the plain marine grey knights?! 20p for a scoring unit with a nemesis power weapon and a storm bolter? dont forget the -1 to psyc. powers against them, a psyc power(I think) and prefered enemy: deamons, now compare that to the 18p marine.

Now  I have not fully looked at all the variation of the grey knight marine. But what i see is really underpriced comparing to vanila marines. I am seriously considering to make a 1750 exorsist force based upon the grey knight, there is alot of talk about the exorsists been a chapter coming from the grey knights. I think some inquisition units would fit nicely with them. It will be challenging to get the runes onto the armor, I am thinkin of custom transfer sheets.
So maybe after I finish my board, then deamons (only need to do 8 bloodletters and 4 bloodcrushers) and the grey knights I might do an exorsist force.

What do you think, anyone out there got a good list for 1750? no terminators or dredknighs, only marines, inquisitor stuff yes, LR yes up to 2.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Reviewing the Raptors

GWpertinent is having a Crusade week and on Thursday it was raptor legion so I decided to make a small review of my raptor force.

So here it goes:

Reason for picking raptors
When I was running the badab war campaign people would ask me "what chapter should i pick? I want something easy." I would reply with "raptors", monocromatic armor and dirty look is realy easy. No matter how many people i sujested it to no one actually took the challange. So I wanted to show people that my money was were my mouth was. (is that the right expretion?)
Playing the scenario massacre at bellaphones fall (which I found the hardest mission for the defending player,you need in the mission to keep your 3 hq's alive/buildings are dangerous terrain), I lost alot of games.
I could have come up with really unfluffy ideas like:
1)Take Tygerious and deep strike your characters and reroll when the succefully enter to keep them in orbit longer.
2)Play 30 terminators with storm shield.
3)Take the the minotaur, salamander and ultramarine special characters with eternal warrior.

Instead I had a look at the special characters, Elam courbay of the Fire hawks would do me no good making assault marines into scoring units. Then I read Lias Issodon of the raptors 140 points I think for a Chapter master that changes combat tactics to stealth. His pros was the universal stealth, his power sword, 3 wounds,cheap cost and special ammunition in a big sniper riffle (I love snippers, in CS I would always try to snipe). His cons where no orbital bombartment and no iron halo.
He also gets to sabbotage a unit at the begginig of the game glanse roll on a vehicle or d6 ap- wounds on a unit. Usally it would go against a ball or land raider.

ALso raptors are the exact opposite of the Fire Hawks, where Fire Hawks apear in their red orrange yellow armor with guns blazzing, Raptors choose to use camo to their advantage and try to remain unseen. What better way to distract the enemy than a loud red orange yellow distraction in the front to their ranks while you sneak up from the back?

I imagined in the senario the small force of raptors pass through the enemy lines to warn the Fire hawks of their inpending doom surrounding them in a death trap.

I also added a master of the forge that fortified my central ruin givving my hq and 2 devastator units a +2 cover save. While I used 3 tactial units, their rhinos, and 10 terminators as a perimeter.

So the bottom line is I added raptors to my army cause i wanted to prove a point, they were useful and were a pleasend break from orange yellow armor.

Selection of units for my force
I made my raptors by looking at what my list needed, a tactical with rhino, devastators and Lias issodon him self.

Creating the force
In the badab war book they had a very basic armor, no fancy artwork or etchings upon their armor. No chapter marks or ranks, I know from real military in time of war you remove isignia and marks so you dont make your self a target, makes it harder for the enemy to count you and track you and harder for them to know who died from where. No marks no purity seals, (except those already on the armor , some where trimmed of). I used were I could the studded shoulder pads to avoid having a gap on the one shoulder pad, on the other a black sumbol to the chapter was attached.


Lias was heavily converted, giving him a big ass gun.



Painting the raptors
Photobucket Property of Games workshop.
Property of Games workshop
Painting the raptors was dead easy as I had  advised others, I painted 15 marines in 1 day to the standar you will see in the final pictures.

First I undercoaded them black.
Then I airbrushed them with Tamiya dark green.
Then  I airbrushed them with Tamiya flat green getting only the higher areas and mainly above the torso.
Then I darkened the feet with dark green and black.
At this point they looked like this.


After this stage green thraka was washed all over the models without leaving pools of wash.
When dry I did the details, like eyes guns and the shoulder pad edges and eagles with codex gray.
then washed mettalic and grey parts with badab black wash (badab war chapter getting washed with badab black, get the joke? oh never mind)

After that was dry I applied the pigments from the mix section randomly and what ever felt right , i used black some tones of grey and white. White especialy went heavy into the raptors, I  imagine that while shooting in some building a roof or wall colapses or gets blown next to them.


Same prosedure whent into the rhino with some fast higlighting.
The end result...





just for the record Lias and my plan worked in the badab war campaign my opponent was impressed with my +2 cover save against his plasma cannons and vindicator.
Thanks for reading.

Can I also add that if anyone want to commision me for a raptor force looking like mine I would be willing and in a small period of time too.