Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Chapter Review: Lamenters

The Lamenters are one of the 4 Secessionist Chapters.  
The Lamenters are belived to come from the blood angel chapter even though they have not shown signs of the red thurst.

More info about them can be found here:

Building an army of Lamenters
First of all this is the only marine chapter in the campaign that uses the blood angel codex so already they are quite unique.
The special character Chaplain Athaloc and the cursed knights veteran squad seem very nice.
Some other advantages the blood angels have against normal marines is that they do more accurate deep strikes (with jet packs), their troops have 1/6 chance to gane red fury, their vehicles are fast , they have priests (FNP) and baal predators.
There is also Malakim Phoros to consider.

As I have said before, I think one of the best units in this campaign will be  sternguard vets. But if charged in combat they have no great defensive abilities.
It seems the Lamenters have a good way around this. Their Sternguard  (the cursed Knights) force you the attacker to take  a ld test at -2, if failed they don’t assault, that’s about 50% chance to fail. Even if your enemies do manage to pass the test Athaloc has equipped everyone with defensive grenades.
Priest are another great addition to the army, feel no pain will help you against the opponents vengeance bullets and win you the attrition war.
Every thing is nice in the army, in some cases a bit more expensive than vanilla marines but quite worth it.

Why do Lamenters?

  • They are the only chapter that uses the blood angel codex
  • You get to help the Tyrant!
  • Rewrite the history and repel the savage Minotaurs!

The only true drawback I could find was there chapter symbol and colour scheme but that could also be considered as a challenge.

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