Thursday, 2 December 2010

Choosing Army and Side

Choosing an army for the Badab war.

Let me just remind you these rules might
 change or we might do an exception.

This is a war withing the imperium so only Space Marine and IG army's please.
I would like it if we could remain faithfull to the story. So I would prefer
chapters in the list. Notice I used the word prefer and not must.
Its a nice chance and a good motivation  to do a new army,which is away
from the standard chapters. Each day I will be going through 1-2 Armies
explaining why you should pick them.
On the right side of this blog are listed the Astartes chapters that took place in the war, the numbers
in the brakets are the number of players planing to use that chapter.

For the two first phases of the campaign a 1000p army will be enough to play with, the second phase goes up to 2000p, but you could play doubles 1000p, meaning is you read this the day posted you have 3 months to paint 1000p of space marines. 2 units of 10 space marines with transports will come up to about 500p. Throw in a couple of tanks and a fast and your there. Or a land raider and 5 terminators.

The third phase goes up to 3000p planets strike, again you could double up with another player contributing 1500p or play smaller games. Still if you have 1000p you would have 4 months to increase by 1000p or 2000p depending on your budget and time. No one is forced to have a 3000p army, but 1500 would be expected, in 7 months from today. Again thats about 215p per months  A land raider or 5 terminators or 10 marines and a vehicle a month.

The last phase is a mega Apocalypse battle! We could arrange it to be held in Warhammer world if we want to.

All marines should use the Space Marine Codex.
Astral claws can instead choose the army list provided in the IA9 which is a mixture of Marines and Imperial guard.
Lamenters must use the blood angel codes (and why would you not?)
You can use special squads from the bell of souls pdf but only for the chapter they belong too.

Special Characters
You can find special characters in the IA9 and the Bell of souls PDF.
You have to use your the special character of your chapter for your chapter.
You can only use one special character in your army at any one time.
Chapters who have only 1 Special character, will be allowed to create their own.

Character casualties
If a Special character dies in a battle roll a dice, add +1 if you won.
Result:  1 Casualty.You can not use this character for the rest of this phase.
            2 Wounded. The next time you use this character he has -1 wound.
            3 Shaken.The next time you use this character he has -1 ld.
            4-5 Survived. Nothing happens.

Imperial armor 10 Badab War Part 2.
When and if the IA10 is released before and during the campaign all entries from it are allowed.

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