Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Campaign Phases and game phase one "Shadows of war".

Campaign Phases

Now that the forces are starting to build it time to make some plans.

As menntioned before the campaign will  be divided in 5 phases, read "About the campaign" post and IA9 for more info.

Talking with  "Wookie"  we though to make phase one last 1 month. 1st of March is a Tuesday so the whole month of March will give us 10 gaming nights (Tuesday and Wednesday) in GW.

We thought the next 3 campaigns to last 2 months since more points are involved.
And hopefully if everyone wants we do the last phase of the campaing (a mega apocalypse battle) in GW HQ.

Phase 1 'Shadows of War'

"Storms clouds gather in the maelstrom Zone as the hubris of  Lugft Huron and the greed of the Karthan Administration light the kindling war. Soon Imperial shipping is attacked and Space marines turn their hands against Space mariens and a bloody legend is writ across the stars..." (IA 9)

Here is a guidling to games/game sizes/ campaing points given for Shadows of  War.

Boarding action/ +1000/3CP Taken from IA9
Battle fleet gothic/500p/2CP
The Massacre at Bellerophon's Fall/2000p/4CP (can be played as doubles with 2x1000p) taken from IA9
Boarder patrols(40kin 40m)/400p/1CP
Space hulk/350p/1CP  - taken from BOLS

* Some Clarification
You dont need to play all the types of games, you dont need to play for the campaign every week.
You dont need to play in the store, it could be at a home or another gaming club. You just need to arrange it with a player from the opposite side, the facebook group (Badab War in Cambridge)
 will be helpful to arrange games.
eg. March has five Tuesdays-Wednesdays say you can only attend 3 Tuesdays and get 2 games per night (400 or 1000p games) thats 6 games, a respectable number of games. We are not going to be " twisting" any ones arm to play toy soldiers!
It would be ideal if players had 1000p of their force made/painted up.

The other missions in BOLS will be used in phase 2.

Please feel free to comment here of on the facebook group about the duration of the campain, the games and more ideas.


  1. Hey man, Andy here. Can any of the missions be played at any time? for example, could I play Boarding Action games every Tuesday in March? Or do I need to play all of the games throughout the Phase?

  2. Hi Andy, no off course you dont need to play all the missions and games. Pick what you fancy when you fancy, agree with your opponent and have fun.
    I also think it would be cool is we agreed on a Tuesday to all play 40k in 40minutes games.

  3. I'm happy to play 40K in 40mins, but its the only day i'm in GW, so I'd want to at least play 1000pts too to get a feel for a more 'complete' of each?

  4. Yes sure, you play whatever you want, no problem.
    Also what is the name of your blog?


    Get stuck in!

    Looking forward to March, will make me actually paint my Huron model!

    My IG are coming on, got some more painting in and will definately be done by March...

  6. I was wondering if there was an option for Battlegfleet Gothic, don't think I can afford a fleet just now though. Space Hulk should be fun, especially with my lovely new Sternguard.

    Also good to know I can get away with only attending one day a week, silly work

  7. Yes, you dont need to attend every week, when ever you want and can thats why I want one month for the first phase and two months for the next phases.

    So everyone gets a chance to play some games and play other stuff too.

    As for battlefleet gothic its just an option
    I dont know if I will have a force either though i would like too.