Thursday, 30 August 2012

Greek Marine List.

This is a list that ticks most of my boxes.

Space marines

+ HQ

    * Chaplain
        (Combat Tactics, Honour of the Chapter, Independent Character, Liturgies of Battle)
        Bolt Pistol, Power Armour

+ Elites

    * Terminator Assault Squad
        (And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics)
       4 * Terminator
            Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
          * Terminator Sergeant
            Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

+ Troops

    * Scout Squad
        (And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics, Infiltrate, Move Through Cover, Scouts)
        * 6x Scout
            6x Camo Cloaks, 6x Sniper Rifle
        * Scout Sergeant
            Camo Cloak, Combat Blade, Sniper Rifle

    * Scout Squad
        (And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics, Infiltrate, Move Through Cover, Scouts)
        * 4x Scout
            4x Sniper Rifle
        * Scout Sergeant
            Combat Blade, Sniper Rifle

1 Hyperios  Air Defence Battery

+++ Grey knight Allies (960pts) +++
+++ 960pt Grey Knights 5th Edition Roster (Allied Detachment) +++


+ HQ

    * Lord Commander Draigo (275pts)
        (Eternal Warrior, Fearless, Grand Strategy, Independent Character, Preferred Enemy (Daemons), Psyker (Mastery Level 2), The Aegis)
        Frag, Krak and Psyk-out Grenades, Hammerhand, Psychic Communion, Sanctified Flame, Storm Bolter, Titan Sword, Storm Shield

+ Elites

    * Assassin
        * Vindicare Assassin
            (Deadshot, Fearless, Fleet, Infiltrate, Lightning Reflexes, Move Through Cover, Stealth)
            Blind Grenades, Exitus Pistol, Exitus Rifle, Frag Grenades, Synskin

+ Troops +

    * Draigo's Paladins
        (And They Shall Know No Fear, Brotherhood of Psykers, Combat Squads, Preferred Enemy (Daemons), The Aegis)
        Brotherhood Banner , Hammerhand, Holocaust, 2x Master Crafted Nemesis Daemonhammer , Narthecium , Nemesis Force Halberd, Nemesis Warding Stave , 5x Paladins , 4x Storm Bolter

+ Heavy Support +

    * Dreadnought
        (Preferred Enemy (Daemons), Psychic Pilot, Reinforced Aegis, The Aegis)
        Fortitude, Psybolt Ammunition , Smoke Launchers, Twin Linked Autocannon  Twin Linked Autocannon

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Greater Deamon of nurgle almost done/ Second plague marine army about to start.

Good Morning Warhammer folks,

Good news the greater deamon from FW is almost ready, he only needs some pigments on the sword and some gloss on his exposed flesh. Have a look:

Better pictures when all of them together soon 5 norks to paint left and thats the army and board done.

Second Nurgle Army
Because the above army was an experement and soon going up for sale, I want to make make a nurgle army with epidemius focusing on plague marines, this might change if nurgle terminators get FNP in the new book.
But for now it looks like 3-4 units of 7 plague marines and 1 x7 plaguebearers.

I dislike metal, I' dont want to pay a fortune for FW resin crack, and cant be bothered with overpriced failcast. I actualy like the 3rd edition plaguebearers sculpted by Jes Goodwin or maybe I am just a hipster.
25 out of the 28 planned 3 could not be restored

Thats all for now.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Nurgle armies on parade Progress 4. Flyers

Good morning everyone,
It was realy hard getting out of bed today. I did manage to squezze some more hobby time this weekend,

So during the week I painted 3 blight drones and on Saturday I had some fun with the glue gun. I will try and cover the glue-slime with a mix of gloss varinsh and green hoping to perserve some transparency.

Today I will be painting the greater Deamon,

Thursday, 16 August 2012

When Chaos arrives where will you be?

So rumors want Chaos Space Marines to be coming in September. I want to set some questions and would like some answers, please take 2 minutes to reply.

What was wrong with the current codex? Do we want a new book just because its old?

  • I think the fact that you could mix gods in the list was a bit extreme. 
  • Also some things seemed so good they made everything else redundant. For example demon prince with lash, I played them and loved them in my slannesh warband. Another example are obliterators the Swiss knife shooter makes havoks look bad. And they just got better with their terminator armour.
  • Demons were pretty useless in the codex other for some fluff lists but now you can ally with Demons. 
  • Most of the characters are lacking cool factor, but I think this is been amended in the new edition.
  • Also I want to make a nightlord Warband based on the nightlord series for a while now, but up until now I could not, or atleast not a competitive one.
1) What do you think? What was bad with the old book?

2)What are you looking forward too with the new release (based on the rumors)?

  • I would like to get 2 boxes of the possest raptors to create the bleadding eyes( nightlord demonic raptors)
  • See if the new book can make a good nightlord list.
  • See how it will affect my nurgle army and my slannesh army.
  • Cultists
  • See this new flying mashine. Can I finaly but a chaos lord on a mechanical dragon?
  • New plastic kits.
  • I would also like to see a nightlord special character. 
3) What would you wish for?

4)What will you be building when chaos hits your store?

  • Will you be using them for basing for your ultramarines?
  • Will you start a new army, with an allience?
  • Will you continue an army and add stuff?
  • Just ignore it? 

I am probably going to continue my nightlords 

Why I have not yet airbrushed this yet is beyond me.
I am also thinking of a wordberers demon allience and an IG(or cultist)-demon alliance with some fortification

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nurgle armies on parade Progress 3. Display board with models on it!

Still need to do some painting, there are 2 more blight drones missing I will paint those with the greater deamon, but before that orks are going to be painted. I am finishing green stuff-ing them today.

Hope you like it.

As for the board If you look at older posts you can see various stages, I used a glue gun to do some streams of  the green fluid, then airbrushed the board and finaly poored some green looking resin.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Chaos Marine September 8th

 From Faeit 212.

Faeit 212: Warhammer 40k News and Rumors: Updated!!!! Chaos Marine September 8th, and More: You wanted more details, and lucky for us, we just received a response. The Chaos Space Marine codex release date and more details on ...


Nurgle armies on parade Progress 2.

Little progress on the board this weekend, I was away on Saturday and on Sunday I got busy creating slab stones for my garden.

The board will display 1750points + a greater deamon of nurgle forgeworld which I think is 777 points.
So once dry I will spray paint then add some goo and green resin. I also need to drill and pin each model, good all dremel will do all the hard work. Also I am buying a new glue gun today.

 Non Wargamming topic.

The majority of Sunday was spent working on another project that pleases the fiancee, stepping stones for the front garden! The are two path ways  to Helen shed/office one from the garage and one from the house.
So I thought to design the two tiles as two pieces of a pizzle that join at the end a bit like Helen and me that are paths are seperate and then join and become one.

Designing the 2 tiles.

Building the tile.

Ready to pour the silicone.
Demolded this morning. My biggest mold yet.
 Next step will be to oil it and add the cement. Hope it all goes well.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nurgle armies on parade Progress 1.

I began past weekend to build my armies on parade board, little progress so far,

Nurgle orks / Final Nurgle list.

Orks need a bit more green stuff but almost ready. Alsoo I need to add 2 power weapons.
I will use them as terminators, 3 fists  and 2 p.w. with 1 reaper autocannon

The skink is for comparison.

THE final list is:
Demon prince nurgle jump pack

10 plague marines Champion fist two plasma guns rhino
5 plague marines 2 plasma guns

5 terminators 3 fist 2 p.w. 1 reaper autocannon 4 2 twin linked bolter

2 plague drones

2 obliterators
1 defiler

6 plaguebearers.

I am planing building a similar list but with 4 units of 7 plague marines and 7 plagueberers, 2 plague drones epidemius This might be the fastest army I have ever painted.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lords of Decay Photo update!

A photo update of my nurgle demon army,  Demon Prince mark of nurgle and jump pack. Done but I just  noticed some details need doing.

Rhino, it needs abit more work.

15 plague marines and 2 obliterators

And you can see the plague berers in the previous post.

Today I am hoping to finish the defiler
And tomorrow I start the plague drones. Also my board is under way, need to add some plaster, some basing and then it will be ready to paint. Hope you like it.

Monday, 6 August 2012

6 plague bearers done in 2 hours.

half an hour airbrush and 90 minutes painting in store.

Deamon prince is done he onnly need some pigments I will finish him tonight.

Flyers in 6th edition.

Today I am going to talk about the biggest add on in 6th edition, flyers.

I have played about 10 games of 6th edition, luckily only a few included flyers. I have not yet been punished for my lack of anti air. Below are some basic guide lines about flyers. Maybe in some games you can ignore them, but what happens if you face 3 stormravens (and is that a viable list?)?

  • If you can't beet them join them- most simple way is to add your own flyers and have some aerial dog fights with your opponent.
  • Ally with someone that can.
  • Aegis defence line with AA
  • Imperial Armour Aeronautica  

 Space marine choices
I had a quick browse at Imperial aeronautica,
for space marines It seems there AA options are stormeagle, Storm Talon, Mortis contemtor and Caestus assault ram, tempest land speeder and finaly their Space marine air defence line missle launcher.

I think this is the one I liked the most. It costs 35p and comes in a unit size 1-3. it has 2 wounds and T6.  Which means it can die by multiple bolter shots but it will not by a single close melta shot. I am comparing it to the contemptor in my mind, the contemptor can cost 155-210p and can die by a close up melta or a lance,with the same points you get alot of missle launchers. Also these machines have interceptor meaning that before they get a chance to take you done you do, (you get to make a shot if they enter your range but you can't shoot. If memory serves me correctly it also is twin linked. There dissatvantage is that you cant move them around. There is only one real problem... I went to check the forgeworld web site, the price for ONE of these models is 21 pounds. Aouchhhhh. I will try to make one from rhino parts and the drop pod missile launchers, I might even blog a how to.

Chaos space marine choices
Also on the book Chaos have 4 flyers, the pod, the blight drones, the talos and the hell blade are now all legal for 40k + what ever they get in the new book, rumour has it  that chaos is getting a mechanical dragon that can assault flyers and get to reroll when shooting flyers.

Valkeries tons of variant flyers and some AA tanks.

They can not ally and they only have 1 flyer which i don't know if its even 40k legal

Orks are a bit different, I think tank busters are quite good, normally hitting on 5s so snap fire does little difference. but thats just an untested theory, aegis defence might be a solutution I will be trying not sure what bs you should use the orks? or the grots?

Orks also hahe some relately cheap flyers to tackle other flyers.

Eldar , Dark Eldar, Necrons
They seem to have some nice hi tech aircrafts dont think the are missing anything.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Demon prince jump pack done.

Hello just a quick update I finished the jump pack, I was about to spray him but then I though: " I should get some pictures while you can see the details" Thats why its half sprayed black.

Plasticard and green stuff was used,  the fans are from a nice company called Zinge Industries have a look.
(the parts I received were excellent and  had zero air bubbles)

He is already airbrushed this morning.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Looking for this miniature... \ epidimius

Hello all,
I have alot of nurgle love these 2 last months.
I would like to buy of you any plastic nurgle marines you have from 1st edition chaos.

 If you have any of these I will trade/ buy them off you, I dont care if they are painted of glued or still on sprue.

On other notes the comissioned space wolfs are done and sent off, my last commision a 2000p ghoul vampire count army is going well too, yesterday I glued the 2 terrorgeist. Once I paint them then I have only a necro and a ghoul to paint.

For the nurle army I am currently working on, the rhino is done . Apologie no pictures, so to recap
 10 death guard done
5 death guard done
rhino done
2 oblit done
defiler 50% painted
blight drone unasembled
demon prince green stuff stage
5 terminators /nurgle orks 3 built 2 need green stuff

Epidemius done
10 plaguebearers receiving them on Friday hopefully.

2 years ago on summer holidays in Greece, during siesta time I had a go at large scale sculpting

 I think he will now make a good epidemius model. Just need to put him on a round base.

Thanks for reading, dont forget if you have any of that nurgle model let me know.