Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Games workshop Badab War part 2

Games workshop is is organizing badab war part 2 in May.

More info here:

And I will discuss it tomorrow in depth.

Rhino ready to prime. A view of some details.

My first nightlord rhino is ready.
I was going to dedicate it to first claw (chosen chaos marines) but because of the size 500p I decided first claw are on foot, they can still infiltrate of outflank.
So here is the rhino with the old school rails.
The rails took me about 2 hours to make, alot of twisting and pipe cutting.

Etched brass in the front, the skeleton torso is from the nurgle banned in the chaos marine sprue, also a dark angel helmet.

green stuff stamp taken from a piece of gw ruined building

THis guy was made again from the nurgle banner the head isfrom the same sprue too. The chain was superglued after.

Nightlord symbol,  gasoline canister and a unsalvagable salamander terminator helmet taken from a space hulk. (From the short story "the Core" from the book "Fear the Alien"/Black Library)

Another severed head, and the melta gun shots, I think the red -orange -yellow around the holes will look nice against the dark blue, how a rhino can survive four  melta shots is beyond me or maybe that is the damage from one shot.

Sculpted chapter sumbol and a bit of etching on the lid.
And finaly I added another track. I had a few when I was a driver in the greek army, why not in the year 40.000.  I drove a APC called Leonidas 2, made in Greece.

Hopefully today I can get some colour on it. And this time I am writing down the bloody recipe.

A few thoughts:
 Chaos Space marine trophies; Space marine helmets and armor especialy is what i want to mention. I am very reluctant of adding space marine helmets as trophies, cause in the nightlord books from Aaron Dembski-Bowden you realy get the feeling of the lack of space marine weapons and armor, everything found is salvaged and reused. Sure its ultra cool to carry around loads of space marines helmets but is it realistic? Would you not save everything for spare parts?  In the book the nightlords tend to have skulls attached to bronze chain. I added the terminator helm because it is damaged beyond repair, I am sure the electronics where removed from withing before handed back to Lucoryphus.

Old style railing. My frind sanjay told me two intresting facts about the railing on the old rhinos when I told him I was adding them for my rhino:
1) You used to buy 3 rhinos for 9£. I dont think my mind can realy conceive the idea of that.
2) Space marines used to hang from the rails to assault.
  Whould that not be a nice idea for a rhino upgrade,
50p assault rail: marines can assault from a rhino.  What do you think?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Wip 1st claw part2

I don't think 200p of 40k have ever taken me so long to put together.

Cyrion-Xarl-Talos-Mercurian and 2 traitors.

You can see I bought a deimos pattern rhino for the first claw.
It still needs a few bits to be almost done. Etched brass iconography has been added, I also added the nightlord symbol on the back door. I also added some more skulls which are similar to my drop pod so they will match nicely:

I also sculpted the nightlord symbol on the drivers shoulder pad, and made the bolter into a twin linked.
I also cut a nozzle of a stormbolter and replaced it with a melta nozzle to act as a combi-melta.

Things I still need to do:
1)I want to be able to create come spare tracks hanging on the side of the rhino.
2)I also want to add the railing that the old rhinos had

3) Add some battle damage, the forgeworld how to paint tanks masterclass book had  a photo that really caught my attention, I looked like a meltagun blast the metal around the hole had gone bright orange.

Finally for the newly Faq'ed hatch doors (2 can shoot out of them) I want to paint this:

Its quite a challenge.
Back to first claw.
Uzas is missing from the picture cause he is almost finished, left in store cause I could not transfer him fresh green stuff.
Variel I have not even started.
The first claw consists of 6 members (Talos,Uzas,Cyrion,Variel, Mercurian,Xarl) I did not want to have another 2-4 random nightlord marines with them, so I will add 2-4 renegade troops to count as plain elite marines no weapon configuration. They are there just to suck up some wounds as any good nightlord would use a slave. These renegade slaves would prefer to face death than torture from a Nightlord. Those worthy in battle might receive the geneseed of fallen nightlords.
I am going to use enforcers for them I like the scary masks.

Also raptors are going to be sent back 1-2 months, I am going to buy a 3d printer and hopefully work some magic on those guys. Also gw will do plastic raptor hopefully so lets see. For now i will add another claw (chaos space marine troops) which I already have modelled.
So once more I rewrite the list (this is going to be  like version 3.2), I need to ask if I can not field an hq.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The furute is now. Part 2/Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!

Rasberry Pi is made from Cambridge univercity.

 To give you an idea of the size compare the eithernet and usb ports on it. The great thing is this whole device will cost about 25$. 

An introduction:

and a display playing quake, truly remarcable

air play and rasbery pi

A small number of boards will go on sale in 2-3 weeks time, for more info visit their website:

The future is now. Part 1/ Affordable 3d printer.

 Good morning to you all,
It has  been a couple of times that I have heard the sentence "in five years/soon/ in the near future  people will download a file from GW (or create their own) and 3d print they own miniatures".

Well ladies and gentle men the best kept secret is that the future is now.  Rep Rap.
Please watch this video.

You can also find a lot of info on the wiki page
 and on facebook

On paper Rep Rap ticks all the right boxes.
Price: It  currently costs 425£/$657 for a full kit (assembly required).
Quality: Quality at the moment is my biggest concern, well until I saw this
 this is a picture under a microscope, you can see all the small layers  well the black line is actually a human hair, yes the layers are that thin. When (if) creating molds I think the latex will not even pick up that detail.
here is a picture of the object above:
Speed: I think they take 2-10 hours depending on the size of your object. To be honest I don't think it is an issue, also work has been made to reduce the time via software.

Some of the machine specifications:

   - Build volume: 140x140x110mm
   - Overall size: 260x280x280mm
   - Printing materials: ABS, PLA, 1.75mm diameter thermoplastic.
   - Build surface: PCB-heated bed to ensure parts do not warp.   - Accuracy: 0.1mm
   - Resolution: 0.0125mm
   - Building speed: 1,800 mm/min
   - Moving speed: 12,000 mm/min
   - Deposition rate: 33 cm3 / hr
   - Motion: Linear ball bearings on X and Y axes, Igus low friction bushings on Z axis.
   - Fully pre-soldered electronics with built-in microSD card slot for standalone printing.
   - Universal power supply; works with all mains voltages.
   - Enhancements to the printed parts to improve the ease of assembly of the X and Y axes

And if all of the above were not good enough the rep rap can print more than 50% of its self and that is the general idea, you print one for your friend, then he prints one and so on.

 I have asked for a sample and will be sending a file of a raptor jump pack once I design it, I am on my 4th attempt. So stay tuned for more.

Finally let me say I am really amazed by this product and I will be buying one.

The invention is from Adrian Bowyer and its a name I think that people should recognise  in  five years/soon/ in the near future.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Raptor jump pack WIP 3d.

3rd post in a day I do spoil you.

WIP of the Raptor jump pack, maybe its to early for an opinion.

Screw you Loyalists! Death to the false emperor and your false codexes.

I have seen the true power, as Conraz Curze received his punishment for his actions so will I. I want to use the 8th legion I will do it with the Chaos Space marine Codex. It might not have feel no pain, It might not have nightvision counter strike, it does allow me to field the first claw (With some minor counts as).
 Who knows maybe in the next 5 months the dark gods bless me with news of a new codex. For now it will do.
In big batles the first claw will hunt week units and tanks. Hunting tanks is not bad especialy in 5th edition.

my first 500p

Chaos Lord 90
pair of lightning claws 30
jump pack 20

Chosen Chaos space marines
Mercurian 18
heavy bolter 15
Cyrion 18
melta bomb 5
melta gun
Uzas 18
pair of lightning claws 20

Talos 18
Aspiring champion 10
power weapon  15
melta bomb 5
Variel 18
Melta gun
Xarl 18
2 slaves 36

rhino 35
Combi melta 10

5 raptors 100

total 499

I realy hope I dont change my mind again.
Sure Xarl and Talos are no super stars in this list but at least its WYSIWYG. Only Uzas is using a sword and a chainaxe as a pair of claws.
Now I need to make an old version rhino before the end of the month.
I will also attempt to make a pair of  chaos jump packs on a 3d program and see if I can get them printed.

WIP of first claw and a review of the list.

Good morning and good week to you all.
I have been busy this weekend, my room looks like a bomb has hit it with sprues from grave guard to chaos vehicle scattered around the room.

Cause first claw is epic I used terminator legs for them, just then not the whole army.
Above you can see the parts used to make Mercurian.
 Chaos Terminator legs, Chaos heavy bolter chest shoulder pads and helmet, space marine terminator combat shield, bloodletter head, horror head. I also used some space marine pouches (not in the photo).
3 green stuf sessons later.

Uzas with mark of the Wolfen, eee I mean touch of Khorne.
 Zarl with his big chainsword that now in the picture looks to big, I might make it smaller. There are 7 pins in the hand chainsaw region.

And Talos is just a body I have ebayed his head and I am looking for a nice blood angel sword for him.

Reviewing the list.
I played 500p game and I went ok, I forgot Talon was in terminator armor and did a sweeping advance. Paying 275p for Talos seems to much to have a relentless bolter. Sure +1 attack and preffered enemy are cool but the price is too much.
I am thinking of having them as a 10 man grey hunter pack, split them in 2 unit of 5 1 of them is Uzas 1 of them asVariel. and 1  as Cyrion. Then add Talos as a Wolf lord  and Zarl as a wolf priest. Then beg my opponent to have a heavy bolter upgrade in the unit Mercurian for 5 points. the remaining hunter will be some unfortunate nightlord always taking the first hit. The lord will take 2 wolfs as chaos renegades.

Just going to write it out now.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

We will come for you! But where from?

 I had a better look at the night lord codex and it seems a bit underpriced and the fact that it is fan made might raise some eyebrows even at frendly games also I could not take it to tournaments. In the end I might use the nightlord book but I will also look for other options.
And see how close I can get to the first claw in the nightlord book.
But first of all what is first claw? (The following pics have been created by Slaine69 and taken without permision, he is very talented you can find him on deviant art he also accepts comissions, he is very talented and captured perfectly the details given on the nightlord books and applied them to his drawings.)

One thing the nightlord codex does is assignes the correct abilities and weapons per character in the story.
Note that all of the models in First Claw will need to be
modelled appropriately and clearly with WYSIWYG in mind.

 WARGEAR: (Cyrion)

Power armour, boltgun, bolt pistol, chainsword, frag and
krak grenades
 Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, 5+ Invulnerable
"I can sense your fear"
While Cyrion is alive, First Claw has the Counter-attack

 WARGEAR: (Mercutian)

  Power armour, heavy bolter, chainsword, frag and krak
SPECIAL RULES: (Mercutian)
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, 5+ Invulnerable
save, Relentless

 WARGEAR: (Variel)
 Power armour, boltgun, bolt pistol, chainsword, frag and
krak grenades
While Variel is alive, First Claw (apart from Uzas) has the
Feel no Pain USR.
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, 5+ Invulnerable

  WARGEAR: (Xarl)
Power armour, master-crafted boltgun, master-crafted bolt
pistol, frag and krak grenades
Executioner Chainblade
This massive chainsword gives Xarl +2 Strength.
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, 5+ Invulnerable
Wicked Shot
All of Xarl's ranged attacks are Rending.

Power armour, two close combat weapons (Chainaxe &
Glaive), frag and krak grenades
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, 5+ Invulnerable
save, Furious Charge
Uzas does not benefit from Variel's Narthecium.
Blood Frenzy
Uzas' close combat attacks are Rending.

And there is also Talos, the hunter, the prophet.
Note that there are two different profiles for Talos; one for
the squad leader of First Claw, and one to represent him
taking command over the 10th Company (and of course
you may only field one of them in your force).
Power armour, Conversion Field, frag and krak grenades
Aurum is a Master-crafted power-weapon that strikes at
Strength 5.
Sage's Bellow
This relic boltgun is an Assault 2, Master-crafted bolter.
SPECIAL RULES: (Talos, The Prophet)
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, Independent
Character, 5+ Invulnerable save
First Claw
Talos must be fielded together with First Claw, if both are
taken. Otherwise he must deploy with a Legion Claw unit.
Curse of the Father
Equal parts gift and curse, Talos' precognitive abilities allow
you to seize the initiative on the roll of 5+ instead of the
normal 6.
Not One Step Back!
All units with the Night Lord special rule gain the Stubborn
Echo of Damnation
First Claw, as well as all Night Lords Harbringers, are
SPECIAL RULES: (Talos, The Soul Hunter)
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, Curse of the Father,
Claw Primus, Stubborn
First Claw
Talos must be fielded in a Legion Claw unit.

The above configuration costs in total 280p. the unit has a +5 inv talos has +4inv, they have counter strike, stuborn, relentless heavy bolter, fnp some rending attacks.

So my first thought is to use space wolfs.

First of I start with mercurian we need a heavy bolter so I go for 1+1 longfangs.
The leader I turn act as Cyrion all space wolfs have counterstrike already, he is only missing a bolter. 15p
The long fang I set as Mercurian and give him a heavy bolter. 20p
For Uzas a crazy wolf guard with mark of wolfen (dont worry about the other 4 I will use them elsewhere.) 33p
Xarl is probably the hardest to build he has a +2 str chainsword and master crafted rendind ranged attacks.
The best I can do is make him a batle brother with a frost axe. The improved bs might compensate a bit for the master crafted guns. 95p
Variel gives fnp no way I can't get that in space wolfs. so I will leave him out or just add anothe battle brother.
And finaly we come to Talos. Cheesy Logan grimgar seems the be the right choice. He ticks alot of boxes.
Eternal warrior so my hero does not die so easy.
Can give the unit special powers like relentless for mercurian so they can move and shoot and change it to fearless and prefered enemy in the opponents turn.
He has a special frost axe.
He always hits on a +3 and has a +5 against psycik attacks.
Only drawback is his price and the terminator armor. 275p

So for a total of  438. I get 5 models (instead of 6) a much better talos, and 1 extra wound.

What about the other books?
Looking at chaos Plague marines would be tough with fnp but no customization. and just stick in a chaos lord.

Grey knights.
In grey knights take a unit of paladins,
make an apothecary
give one a spycannon for mercurian
I still dont like it cause they all have pw.

Blood angels
Priest and death company are tempting but again no heavy bolter.

Vanila marines.
Legion of the damned looks intresting.

I seem to like the space wolf build cause it need some thought and tinkering to get right.

I will make my decision in the following days.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

We will come for you.

Today I am very excited, I just wrote my plan for the next 2 months of  modelling- painting.
Cambridge Games Workshop will be starting in February a tale of many gamers for 40k, 500p each month.
Though Cambridge store and gamers never seem to stick to a campaign for more than 2 months I am still exited and hopeful this will work. My thought of new year was to make a nightlord-red corsair army with first claw, bleeding eyes (raptor unit-very posesed) and huron him self with 20 terminators and 2 units of chaos marines as corsairs. This still might happen. but for now i have decided to make the army purely nightlord ouzing with characters from the book.
Rumor also has it that the chaos space marine book will be broken into 3 books containging 3 legions per book, the first containging night lords.

But my best discovery was a nightlord fan made codex book.
Which you can find here .
have a look and tell me what you think.
  • All nighlords have night vision and cause night fight for turn 1 on a +3. on a +6 for turn 2. If dawn of war its a +5 for nightfight turn 2. 
  • If the nightlords outnumber the enemy they are fearless, if less they can be automatically succeed in escaping from any enemy Sweeping Advances
  • Talos is 150p makes nightlords stuborn has a +4 inv, master crafted str5 power sword, master crafted bolter, makes first claw a scoring unit and steals initiative on a +5.
  • First claw is 5 men and no more for 150p with a +5 inv. each model a character in the story has something special to offer. Mercurian has a heavy bolter, cyrion gives the unit counter attack, variel gives FNP,  xarl has a master crafted bolter that causes rending and has a masive chainsword +2str, uzas has furious charge and rending cc attacks.
  • they can take (terror)drop pods.
To be honest I think they are a bit underprised but we will see that on the table. Maybe I am comparing them to the chaos book and not b.a or g.k books.

Anyway my first 2 months look like this.

Talos 150

First Claw 130

legion claw 90
Melta gun 10
legion claw 90
terror pod 35

total 505
Read Fear the allien

Chaos lord 95
Convertion field 15
pair of claws 30
jump pack 20
outflank 10
furious charge 10

bleeding eyes
raptor unit
10 raptors 230
2 melta guns 20

Terror pod 35
1 legion marine 16
melta gun 10


and now time for some eye candy.
This is a dread claw I made ages ago still unpainted

and some nightlord troops

So the plan is end of this month to build Talos and first claw. Also before the end of the month i will have painted the terror pod for a forum competition. During febuary i will buy a box of posessed and mix with normal chaos marines. I also need to do some sculpting and casting of raptor heads and claws and jump packs.
I am also working on a large forgeworld space marine, I am hacking him up to make mercurian Nightlord of the first claw with heavy bolter, my favorite weapon in space marine the game.