Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Close ups from the bikes

Goodmorning, I did not get any painting time yesterday, but here are some close ups from the bikes.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Preparing for Warhammer world kill team.

Two weeks after blog wars I will be visiting Warhammer world for a 1 day event kill team.

its 200p and  the organisation chart is:
0 – 1 Elite
0 – 2 Troops
0 – 1 Fast Attack

Each model acts individualy,
You can give 3 models a universal rule from the rulebook, not the same one.
Once you go bellow half your starting models you start taking a ld test at the beggining of your next turn, each turn after add a -1 modifier.
Played on a 4*4 board.

I think tthis is the best chance for a fluffy nightlord list.

So at 200p I will be taking 10 chaos space marines.

    * Chaos Space Marines (200pts)
        5x Additional Chaos Marines , Bolt Pistol, 5x Close Combat Weapon , Heavy Bolter , Meltagun , Nurgle , Veterans of the Long War

I have given them a mark, the mark of nurgle, that is because I wanted them to be toougher, I think its a big difference for the opponent to hit you on 5, or 6s. Especially against space marines 5s in shooting and close combat. That and the veterans of the old war costs me about 2 marines, but I think it is worth it.

I think Variel will sit out of this, It will be first claw and third claw somewhere chronologicaly between soul hunter and blood reaver. As you can see Uzas Cyrion and Mercurian are almost ready to paint. Xarl and Talos still need work.

I will also add 5 nightlord marines from my excisting collection, preferably boltgun ones, These models below are already half painted.
The only thing I have not decided is the 3 universal rules to give my models.

Xarl will have smash.
Talos blood Angel sword will be master crafted.
and Uzas will have Rage.

Count the Seven

Count theSeven,
Its been a productive weekend though I could have done better if I was not playing league of legends.

Now all my models have been airbrushed and based,
Here is a picture of my bikes.

Today I will have very limited painting time, but i hope to get some details on Epidemius.

I played 2 games the past week, one against Sons of Sanguinius Andy, I lost again this time it was closser even though I had hevy losses. My lord had the relic on turn 5 but he failed 2 out of the 4 armour saves and died and the game ended, Andy had slay the warlord, first blood and linbreaker, I had slay the warlord.
I was playing second again and I also realized that for some reason I was doing only 1 attack with the plague marines,  even though they have plague knife and bolt pistol. Better realizing it now before my first tournament with them. Epidemius had 20 counters by the beggining of turn 2 but even then the nids did alot of damage in 2 turns.

My other game was ith Brunos blood angels,
let me just say that the prefered warlord trait against space marines is so gooooood.

This Wednesday I am playing steves demons. Probably going to play dawn of war purge the allien, that way i have played all 3 senarios.

6 Days left!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Epidemius Update 4. Some paint .

Here is Epidemius with some paint, I have only really applied some basecoats and some washes for the moment.

Here is some work on my biker champion (fist) and lord.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Less than 2 weeks for blog wars 2.

Good morning readers,
Less than 2 weeks for blog wars,
Epidemious has been airbrushed, the havoks undercoated my last champion and plasma gun plague marine bought and paid for. All 7 bikes are built.
Today I will try to work on my lord and the champion biker.

The only picture I have for you today is one of the banners of Epidemius.

I also sold the kroot grey knights, scaven and dark angels which is always good.  Making space for other things. I might buy a new case.
I will do another sell out mid December.

More pictures maybe tomorrow.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Havoks ready to spray, bikes almost there.

Good morning readers,

Another Friday has reached me so fast.
So straight in to business, the havoks are now ready to be painted.

Also the bikers are coming along nicely.

I will try to paint epidemious until next Friday and have the bikes made, hopefully by then I will have an extra champion and my last plasma gun off ebay.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

17 Days until blog wars.

17 days left for blog wars,

Good news is I have cut down on my computer nights, which allws me to sleep and hobby more.
Cause between work and repairing and house to rent there is not alot of time.

Anyway from the comments from the fang it seems it will be ok to use the allied special char as your commander.

So here is my final list ~ maybe some final twicking will occur.

+++ Epidemius is Watching (1850pts) +++
+++ 1850pt Chaos Daemons 4th Ed (2008), Chaos space marines 6th ed Roster (Allied Detachment, Standard)) +++

Chaos Daemons 4th Ed (2008) (Allied Detachment) Selections:

+ Troops +
    * Plaguebearers of Nurgle
        7x Plaguebearer

Chaos space marines 6th ed (Standard) Selections:

+ HQ +
    * Chaos Lord
        * Power Armour
            Blight Grenades , Chaos Bike, Plasma Pistol , Power Weapon , Sigil of Corruption

+ Troops +

    * Plague Marines (Troops)
        2x Additional Plague Marines , 2x Plasma Pistol
        * Plague Champion
            Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon

    * Plague Marines (Troops)
        2x Additional Plague Marines, 2x Meltagun , Rhino Transport
        * Plague Champion
            Bolt Pistol, Power Fist

    * Plague Marines (Troops)
        2x Additional Plague Marines , 2x Plasma Pistol
        * Plague Champion
            Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon

    * Plague Marines (Troops)
        2x Additional Plague Marines , 2x Meltagun
        * Plague Champion
            Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon

+ Fast Attack +

    * Chaos Bikers
        3x Additional Bikers, 2x Meltagun , Nurgle
        * Biker Champion 
            Combi-bolter , Power Fist

+ Heavy Support + (429pts)

    * Havocs 
        2x Additional Havocs (26pts), Autocannon (10pts), Nurgle (21pts)
        * Missile Launcher (25pts)
            Flakk Missiles (10pts)
        * Missile Launcher (25pts)
            Flakk Missiles (10pts)
        * Missile Launcher (25pts)
            Flakk Missiles (10pts)

    * Havocs
        2x Additional Havocs (26pts), Nurgle (21pts)
        * Missile Launcher (25pts)
            Flakk Missiles (10pts)
        * Missile Launcher (25pts)
            Flakk Missiles (10pts)
        * Missile Launcher (25pts)
            Flakk Missiles (10pts)
        * Missile Launcher (25pts)
            Flakk Missiles (10pts)

Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)
I think I am happy with the list, the bikes and havoks have oly been tested in 3 games.
But in general I think the list has some good answers to certain lists.
It has no lack of scorring units
4x7 plague marines +1 plaguebearers thats 5 scorring units
2 heavy
1 fast

The hole army is  t5 (bikes t6) and everything is with mark of nurgle to add to the tally and gain the bonuses were applied, last game  I killed mephisto with ignore armour saves missile launchers.
6 melta guns
4 plasma guns
1 plasma pistol
7 AA missile launchers split in 2 units.

You could say that mobility is probably my biggest problem. I mean appart from the rhino and bikes I don't have anything to move across the board fast. I am thinking of dropping a bikker to give the sergent biker a plasma pistol.

Unfortunantly not enough space for the landing pad/ nurgle shrine and to be honestm, not enough time to make it and paint it, as I still have to finish the models listed.

Things I am still concidering but will not change before BW4:
Should the units with 3 missile launchers + autocannon go back to 4 missile launhers?
Should I lose the bikes or havoks or both  for a helldragon(s)?

I have another game with Andy so let see how it goes...

Modeling wise all bikers have excausts, 2 bikes need wings, I have added 3 bikers to their bikes, the bikes will need another green stuff session, and today lets see how far I get with the havoks.

thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nurgle bikes phase 3 and Havoks

Good morning readers,
The days are ticking away for blog wars,but yesterday I got some major progress on my bikes, we are now on phase 3-nurglefying the bikes. Pictures!

 All I need to do is repeat 5 times.

I also took a sharper picture of Epidemius

#Here is a picture of my havoks, trying to keep the old school miniatures look.

And finaly I bought 2 helldrakes, doubt they will be present at blog wars.

I am now hoping by the end of Friday to have havoks and bikers ready for undercoat.
This Wednesday I have a 650p invasion game of fantasy , some beastmen are on my river, preparing my self mentally...

Friday, 9 November 2012

Epidemius Update 3.

Good morning readers,
So today I am going to look back one week (real time jump~) and see what I had set a target last friday for today.

"I plan by the end of next Friday to have Epidemius painted, and all 6 bikes cast. Lets see how I do by the end of next friday. Its time to get the thumb out of bum!"

The 6 bikes are cast, I have cast about ten of them trying to get copies without air bubles, my 6 best copies I have started to green stuff.  I have also started cleaning the mold lines of the biker legs, cant wait  to get the bikers on their bikes.

Epidemius is not painted. But he is almost complete he now needs some worms and for me to recheck and add the final details. Experience tells me not to jump in and paint him, but leave him aside, finish the sculpting details and then paint him. Very eager to paint him.  Do you think he needs some more banners?

Plastic ,metal,resin, green stuff, milliput and glue all put together:

Do you have any recomendations?
A friend of mine said he needs a book, but Epidemius is not a psycker and I dont think reading is his thing.
But instead of painting Epidemius I got 14 havoks almost built, today I hope to finish that off.

Target next week, finish the plague marines paintwise(that have been sprayed (thats all of them except for  3 champions)
and have the havoks, and 3 champion ready for spraying. Secondary prepare bikers, and start
 temple -landing pad.

Still waiting confirmation from blog wars 4 if or if not I need a main force special character.
If Typhous must be included then  I will drop the lord the bikes and the landing pad for Typhous and some terminators, really realy don't want too though.

And finaly Setup pictures from a game played this Wednesday at the Sons of War Gaming club in Cambridge.

Brunos Blood angels with Mephiston
Bikes, Plaguemarines troops and Havoks.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Big problem or not. Blog wars 4.

I was just reading the comments about blog wars 4, saying that special char must come from the main force.
That screws my epidemius list, there is still hope they will alter the rule or I have to change the list.

One option would be to drop my lord on bike 160p and add typhous 230 whch would mean I would need to drop all my bikes too and get some terminators in, and then have them on foot or deep strike, sounds awful to me and I would be playing with 2 special characters, lose some plague marines and take a lr , i still don't like it.

My other option is to make my typhous list, which no model has been painted yet and totaly untested
and I would need to buy 2 vampire dragons. To be honest there is not enough time.

+++ Dead in the snow (1848pts) +++
+++ 1850pt Chaos space marines 6th ed Roster (Standard)) +++


Chaos space marines 6th ed (Standard) Selections:

+ HQ +

    * Typus

+ Elites + (384pts)

    * Chaos Terminators
        Chaos Land Raider , None
        * Chaos Terminator 
            Combi-bolter, Powerfist
        * Chaos Terminator
            Combi-bolter, Powerfist
        * Chaos Terminator
            Combi-bolter, Lightning Claws, Power Weapon
        * Chaos Terminator
            Combi-bolter, Lightning Claws, Power Weapon, Terminator Champion

+ Troops + (710pts)

    * Plague Marines (Troops)
        5x Additional Plague Marines , Plague Champion

    * Plague Marines (Troops)
        Plague Champion

    * Plague Zombies
        20x Additional Plague Zombies

    * Plague Zombies
        10x Additional Plague Zombies

    * Plague Zombies (130pts)
        20x Additional Plague Zombies (80pts)

+ Fast Attack +
    * Chaos Spawn )
        2x Additional Spawns , Nurgle

    * Helldrake
        Hades Autocannon

    * Helldrake
        Hades Autocannon

+ Heavy Support +

    * Obliterator

Lets just hope and see.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Stuff for sale.

So I did a clean up got some stuff for sale.

1) Small kroot force £26. SOLD
1 limited edition games day only kroot shapper
10 kroot 7 of them nicely painted.
5 kroot with extended rifles
14  kroot worshippers, no rules for them in the Tau codex.

I used this as a count as imperial guard 40k in 40minutes army, the 10 kroot were penal legion, the 5 with extended rifles were snippers and the worhipper guys were a psyker squad.

2) Grey knight force Currently on ebay

10 terminator/paladins
1 dreadknight
1 land raider.
The price is 20% off gw prices with scenic bases.

3) Scaven special Character £15
Painted above table top standard

4) All the dark angels from the dark vengance set unpainted still on sprue (no chaplain sorry) £20. Sold

a Company Master armed with bolt pistol, power sword and combi-weapon; Librarian Turmiel, who carries a bolt pistol and force sword; Veteran Sergeant Raphael and his Tactical Squad; Deathwing Terminator Squad Barachiel; Sergeant Arion and a Ravenwing Bike Squadron that comes equipped with twin-linked boltguns.

 5) All scaven from battle from Island of blood unpainted  £20 Sold

Free postage to the uk.