Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Creating a warmachine gaming board part 2.

Good morning readers,

I hope you survived Aprils fool and English Easter.
Before I get into the hobby can I just say that this English Easter did not feel in any way as Easter.

Now  since the last time I have painted the stone and ground of the board, and applied successfully snow on to it.

To be honest the sand I did not really paint, I applied army painter quick shade with a paint brush.

The next day  I started applying my snow mix,

the snow was a mix of Tesco baking soda, woodland scenic soft flake snow, pva, water, white acrylic paint, and woodland scenics flex paste.

A big shout out to Terrainscapes for his usefull videos on u tube:

The board is now covered with snow,
 Next up is one more layer of snow in some spaces and then a varnish. I am taking it to the club on Wednesday.

And a few thoughts about board creation:
The size of the insulation foam dictated how high my board should be. Even though the board is light the height of the board makes it hard to carry, you cant get a grip on the sides.

My next foam boards will be from here:
this way I can create shorter boards in height.

Practicality vs Awemesause,
Initially I wanted to add a large section of a frozen river and a bridge, but the bridge would be hard to store and placing forests upon ice would look silly. Same applies for a textured gameboard, it might make placing terrain or models difficult.

Box and circle, 
I have also been told that for games you mark the areas for flags to see if you are contesting or not. My next board (forest) will have these areas marked with stone on the board.

and finally keep it flaaaaaaaaaaat.

Final photos hopefully tomorrow.

I will leave you with a beautiful song from Wizards and demons.

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