Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kill Team By Codex: Grey Knights

Second Codex to examine
Is of the Grey knights.

  Lets see the available options for your GK Kill Team. Options not listed can't for fill the 3 minimum models kill team count.

Troops 0-2
Grey knight Terminators
Grey knight Strike squad

Elites 0-1
Purifier squad

Fast 0-1
Grey knight Interceptor squad
Dedicated transport

Grey knight Terminators
These 5 astartes come at exactly 200p you can change the nemesis swords for halberds and hammers.
I would recommend 2-3 hammers
Grey knight Strike squad This unit for me is one of the best in the game (for kill team). I took them to my second kill team and came 8th losing to a broadside and 4 dark angel bikers with some bad rolls.
How I would play them 
9 strike squad marines 
psybolt ammo  200p

thats 18 shot at 24" str 5
and close up they have power swords that can become str 5 or instant kill.

they also have some psycik defence.
 My brother tried the same unit with some falcions, but in the end he wanted more shooting.
If you add 1 hammer you lose at least 4 str 5 shoots and will break with the loss of 4 models instead of five. The best thing is that they are all the same models and have the same strenghts, were in  other lists if you pick out the special weapons you feel safe, here picking off models has no use, except for the leader with his ld 9.
 I do recommend this list there is nothing they cannot beat with their amount of firepower 
Same as strike squad but with a 30" one per game jump. It could prove useful but at a cost of 2 men.
I still preffer the 9 men instead of 7, please prove me wrong.
 Very simiular to Terminators, 3 models with 6 wounds, or five models with 5 wounds.
I am torn between the two entries.  
3 paladins (FNP, fleet, shrouded)
1 hammer 
3 mastercrafted bolters
Purifier squad
 Simular with the strike squad but with 2A and ld 9  you can have two psilences for free.
   You can get 8 with 2 pslisers and a hammer or 7 with psybolts, 2 pslisers and a hammer .
The grey knight have less entries than other books and even less viables, but the ones it does have are smokking hot! 

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