Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Creating a warmachine gaming board. Part 1.

Goodmorning Readers,

One 8x4 feet plywood board cut in half, Insulation foam, hardboard and 8 planks of wood.
Last week I felt this amazing urge to create my own gaming board for hordemachines.

I believe the cost for two such board would be £100 no basing.

Here you can see the first screws going in, Its important to drill a hole a bit smaller than the screw so the wood does not split, I also use a drill the size of the screw head and drill a few mm so the screw head goes into the wood so it will not scratch the tables its laid on.

The box completed.

I cut the foam to fit the board, what you do not see is I places a piece of wood in the middle of the board to avoid warping.

Here I mark  all the modular terrain to be used for the board, steam roller dimensions.
you can se the 6 diferent terrain setups here.

I placed the terrain on the board and marked it so I could get a feeling of the empty spaces.
You can also see the piece of wood I placed in  the middle for support.

Like any project you have many ideas that are just not feasable in the end. I wanted a massive frozen river going in the middle of the board with a rusty bridge, but that is a feature for a static board not one with random terrain deployment, also bridge would probably be damaged if fixed permenantly.

But I also did not want to make a boring white board, so I added some coblestone paving (yellowish texture/milliput) and placed around that some sand, the blue areas will be small areas of ice.

Here you can see the forests I cut out and placed plasticard to cover the holes. These are now based with sand, the trees need some snow on them too. you can also see 2 patches of ice.

A close up from the frozen river.

On that area on one of the missions a house is placed on it, I did this on purpose cause I would like the house to actualy be a frozen water mill. Some inspiration:

But I will probably do a second board and get some of my army painted before I get into such a detailed piece of work.

Thats all for now, I have also made a 0.5"x5 inch wall, I intend to cast it for resin duplicates.

Also last Sunday I wend to London to see a Gojira, and they were great as they kept my high expectations for them.

Here is one my favortie songs from them its called Or(o)borus, coincedence?


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