Friday, 12 April 2013

The chosen nine of Pythia part 4.

Good news everybody,

It looks I will make it without sacrificing sleeep.
Speed display board made and almost finished.

Here you can see it just before, undercoating.
A piece of blue styrofoam cut to resemble a cliff. Then I added some milliput (3/4 of a £3 pack ) to resemble the sharp edges of  were the waves smash against.
The top part is two layers of cork with the apropriate holes cut out.

I then added the plaster tiles with pva glue, next I applied pva on the remaining surfaces of the cork and scattered sand.  Finally I glued in some columns and a small jug.

I undercoated and sprayed last night. then airbrushed Vallejo air hemp, I then made a oil wash with urbent sienna and applied it to the "soil".  This morning some quick dry brushing with Vallejo Iranian sand, and white.

When I get back home I will paint the cliff rocks and paint some details and add some vegetation.

Now for the sea I painted shades of blue, I decided to paint the sea under the cliff the darkest tone of blue, the other areas became brighter with some patches to break the monotony.

I then applied vallego transparent water to create a wave effect, This morning I was very happy with it, I added another layer of still water effect on top of the existing waves but this time I added some white paint to it.

Hopefuly by tonight it will be mostly dry, so I can apply one last layer of gloss varinsh.

As I mentioned the cliff is yet to be painted, the styrofoam is not yet glued to the board to make that easier.

And finaly power swords need some masking tape and a bit more airbrushing.

I think my next post will be on Sunday monday with tournament photos too.
Thanks for reading.

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