Sunday, 14 April 2013

Kill team battle Report April Part 1

Good morning readers prepare for a massive post

Yesterday myself and my brother and my frend Harry went to the second kill team gw event,

 It was another great event dispite the hicup of riptides.

You see a riptide,i think is  the only monsterous creature allowed  in kill team cause of the new tau codex, I have not read its full entry, but I know it has 5 wound toughness 6 with it will not die, armor +2 and some sort of inv, can do 4 shots with no need of light of sight, and 3 ap2 str 8 shots. then move 12".

there were 11 of them in 66 players,  at the last rounds there were players asking to switch cause they already played the previous game a riptide.

Anyway lets skip the bitching, onto the games,

Game 1 was against a ravenwing list, by Matt Balding

4 bikes 4 plasma guns stealth and shrouded 2 of his specialist abilities
I did not play this game well at all, 1) I knew my leader was out of range but for some reason had him visible in a building. 2) focused to much on his leader with a +2 save when other models had a +3 save, with the same fire power plasma.  I also did a bad assault against them, that with bad dice luck failing many gone to ground in cover saves. Still good game he deserved the win. I got 3 points and +1 initiative for my leader.

Game 2 Was against some IG by James Halstead.

This young chap was a bit unexperienced leaving his ig in the open, I killed 1st turn about 6 models.
I scored 13 points. Atromos gained +1 str in his storm bolter.

Game 3 Jag Taylor with his Tau force.

I picked my fights correctly so he broke with 1-2 models on the board.
I scored 15 points and got one extra wound on Atromos.

Game 4 was agianst Mel.

She had 3 GK terminators, I ran backwards and shoot like a bunch of little girls all game, I had to apologice for my lame playstyle. What is scarier than a grey knight? A grey knight with terminator we both agreed, very suprised  Mel did not have FNP as a special rule.

What followed was a long lunch break.
I was also asked to bring my force to the front to display for best kill team nomination. I took my brother to see the gw Gallery.

Part 2 will be up tonight.

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