Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The chosen nine of Pythia part 3.

With less than a week until this fun event, here is my up to date photo taken this morning:

my nine astartes kill team

The two on the right still need painting and on some I would liek to add some details,
Today I would like to get the paises painted and the models glued on to them.
Tomorrow I will work on their power swords.

Will I have time to knock up a small display board?

Odysseas from Iron snakes of Ithaka and above him Atromos from the Heraclean Chapter
He leads this group and feels no pain ^^ / I am realy happy with the lion head and  cloak.
The cloak was done using three oil paints. Very painless method.
Spartan- enough said.
Polithamas- from the Thessaly myrmidons. Bad photo sorry. I added some freehand to make him interesting,
Ypermaxos- The Athenian Champion.
Triton from the tides of Corinthia and Demetrious from the Makedonian Guard. Both still WIP
Anileis the merciles from the Minotaurs
Aristomaxos from the Achaian League

Expect a new post withing this week.

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