Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tale of x Gamers/ The lord himself.

Another cold month has gone by, its time to pay tribute the the god of death and decay.

This month I painted 80 models less than last month,
I present to you Typhous:

Now I have 12 days to paint up my 9 greek marines, before kill team. They are all built, JUST need painting..., but uni is quiet and my misses has gone to spain for a week which translates into pure hobby time. the only problem is that at the same time I am trying to go up a rank in League of legends.
I am currently at Silver V I think 12th place. I dont think I deserve anything higher than silver and I am ok with it, I would just like to progress from silver V so I am not at the bottom.

Anyway back to the tale of x gamers. This month, after the 15th I will be doing a custom helldrake and 2 spawns.

Next post will probably be about greek marines.

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