Monday, 3 December 2012

Kill team with nightlords

I will come back to blog wars 4 but for my forth and last post today, I will talk about my next event in less than 2 weeks, its a kill team event in gw.

My target for this is win 4 out of 6 games and get nominated for a painting prize.
I updated my counter on the right to the event.
I am going solo to this event, but the guys at the club have shown intrest to play test with me the two coming wednesdays.

I will be taking ten chaos space marine Nightlords, based on Aaron Dembski-Bowden Nightlord novels. These books are a my favorite BL novels massive fan.

My previous calculation were wrong I can't afford mark of nurgle for 10 of them (30p)

Here is my list
+++ No Name (200pts) +++
+++ 0pt Chaos space marines 6th ed Roster (Standard)) +++


Chaos space marines 6th ed (Standard) Selections:

    * Chaos Space Marines (200pts)
        5x Additional Chaos Marines (65pts), Autocannon (10pts), Bolt Pistol, 6x Close Combat Weapon (12pts), Meltagun (10pts), None, Veterans of the Long War (10pts)
        * Aspiring Champion (18pts)
            Combi-bolter (3pts), Power Weapon (15pts)

Special abilities, I have been thinking about the powers, my first thought is smash to Xarl

Rage to Uzas


And master crafted to Talos blood angel powersword.

But I have reconsidered since Friday.
Adding a psycker would give me access to biomancy and smite a useful tool against ap2 armour and a nice chance to make a psycker.

Also instead of making the blade master crafted I could give Talos Shrouded (a +2 to his cover saves)

The only question is once again do I have time to make an additional sorcerer.

Here is my force so far:

I have had discusstions about the best 200p force and there were alot of choices:
5 Sanginary guard
9 grey knight stike squad with psybolts.
3  chaos terminators and cultists

1 chaos dread and 3 spawns.

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