Friday, 7 December 2012

Kill team update 1 week left.

Hello readers, today's post is all about Kill team.

First I will start with my Kill teams theme tune...

Now I played 3 games against Neil's 24 orks. I lost 2 won 1 all were very close games and again my luck was awful, yes I am blaming the dice rolls again, 3 games I never won the roll to go first, Neil was king enough to let me go first at the last game.
Heavy bolter vs ork 2 hits , 1,1 to wound.  Then the same ork walks up takes to shots and kills the heavy bolter.
My champion Talos with 3 novels and half a dozen short stories died to snapfire while charging a ork.
how many orks did i kill with snap fire in 3 games? none.
3 attacks ap2 going first vs 2 ork attacks (5s to wound) = 1 dead nightlord.

Even Neil felt bad and tried to apologize.
Still fun games.

Already I learnt a couple of things, you smart people would have figured out faster.
  • Guys without combat weapons go in the front, when attacking with Xarl (smash) its probably better 1 or 2 attacks at str8 than 2 or 3 at str 4.
  • Unlike fantasy psykers choose their spells lores at the beginning of the game, which makes my psycker extra flexible, Neil had 3 bikes one had shroud one had stealth so a +2 and +3 cover save. My plan with the psyker was always to get smite, but since I can select between biomancy, pyromancy and telepathy I took Psychic shriek, which I think is smart 3d6 ld test on ld 7 orks. But with my luck I failed it twice, killed an ork and 1 roll he rolled 7 in 3 dice, and then for his shooting from his bikes with rerolls rolls nothing but 5,6. 
GW warhammer world asked yesterday what people are talking to the event, seems alot of people are talking optimised lists. I don't know how good are the following lists declared:

8 flammers
 4 Thunderwolfs
wraiths with coils and deathmarks
3 terminators and 15 cultists
a couple of knight armies

 chaos dread with 3 bikes.

Seems Talos and his warband will have quite a struggle. 
Like how can I win 8 flamers with 10 chaos marines they move 12" and shoot a flammer template with a simple 50% to kill me. If I charge them I will probably loose 1 marine to overwatch. I will just try to kill them with long shots and the heavy bolter, but they are also 2 wounds. 

Back to the hobby,
Here is a wip of my psycker and Talos. I am hopping to have them ready to paint by Monday.
I would also like to have the psycker, 10 bases and the 4 nightlord marines all painted until monday, that will give me 5 days for the 4 nightlords. 5 days that include a kill team mini tournament, watching the Hobbit  and painting some house walls, oh I am such a martyr!

I have avoided kickstarters, scifi bloodbowl, other game systems. So this is what I plan to buy from forgeworld.

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