Monday, 3 December 2012

Blog wars 4 the aftermath.

Hello readers,

Blog wars 4 is over,
But were should I start from?
 I think I will start with Alex from the Fang for organising it, Alex thank you for one of the nicest tournaments I have been too. Loads of prizes, loads of info before hand about the event, always helpful and came around each table couple of times during each game to see if everything is OK.

The Venue was  maelstrom, it was my first time there, spacious with good food and a pub inside I think it ticked all the boxes, I don't know if the store venue will be ok with online maelstrom going bankrupt but sure hope it will cause its a nice place to be. The store was nice too no gw stock but I got some airbrush paints and army painter quickshade.

My three opponents were all very nice, big thanks to Michael, Steve and Greg.

I also personaly forfilled my 2 targets, I was hopping for 2 wins and a loss and that is what I achieved.

I won in round one Michels necrons

He had the storm caller, 4 flyers and 2 large units of necrons for a 5 objective game.

I then lost the relic mission against Steve my mate from Cambridge who played Demons (we played last wednesday and  I was actually really impressed with his list which I was going to discuss on another post anyway)
He beat me with the demon prince I gave him for the tournament.

Last game was against Greg, he played Dark eldar aegis defence line, loads of jetbikes and poson shooting.
I won by 4 kill points but it was close until the end.

I dont like to bitch about my luck and the reason I lost but it really felt that on saturday the gods of dice were going to have loads of  fun on my expence. More about that on another post.

So two wins one loss -achieved.

My other target one was for epidemius to win best painted character, 

Achieved. :-)

Also my bikes were liked by many, which gives me a felling of pride.
Also I completed my pledge (see thumb out of bum post) completing the army. Not fully painted to its potential but everything, created and painted 5 colours +.
So all in all every thing about the event was great and all personal goals were achieved,also a big thanks to
Andy and Steve for some play testing and for the drive up there. The Sons of Sanguinius won nine out of nine games they must be doing something right.
More pictures, best painted army and others, battle reports, thoughts, looking at lists on the following posts. There will be  a couple today.

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