Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Aaron Dembski-Bowden approves my First Claw.

Two days after the kill team  event I took some pictures of my kill team to put on this blog, some forums and facebook, I also posted them on Aaron Dembski-Bowden  facebook page. This is what followed:

Those few words beat any award I could be given (maybe even a golden deamon); recognition from the creator and author of the first claw. He is my favourite writer and  I have expressed my admiration for his work on this blog, on forums and verbally. I am really happy, makes me feel really recogniced and I will use that feeling to continue on the nightlords, my next plan for them is Variel and maybe 10 bleeding eye raptors.

But before that I need to make a nurgle landing pad and some zombies...
...and maybe touch up on some firehawks


  1. Awesome! Now I have even more respect for ADB (as if his writing wasn't enough). See if you can get your hands on that pilot from the crashed Aquilla lander from the BFM set. He would make a nice little basis for a Septimus conversion ;)

  2. Agreed!ADB is an amazing dude.
    Agreed!Kiour's models are inredible cool!
    Well done my friend!!! Well Done