Thursday, 27 December 2012

Kill team for 13 of April

Dear readers I hope you had a good Christmass,
I got 30£ gw vouchers and a box of scouts, but today I am posting about something that has me very excited, I have decided my next kill team for 13 of April! There is nothing wrong with my nightlords, I love them and they performed great. But  I want to raise the WOW factor. I have decided to not playtest vs demons, and just make what I think is cool and still playable.

I will be using 9 grey knights with psybolts. TA dA! not impresed?
what if they were made out from Librarians from eight different chapters,
.... and had been captured by Kairos and had their spells erased,
...and now were trying to exit the warp worlds while chasing Kairos.

I have a story in my mind, which I want to make into a comic.
Sometimes when a librarian causes a perils of the warp his mind is frazled but some rare occations Kairos will grab and pull into the warp some librarian he sees fit for eternal torment. He places them on this 3 level plave dimension and has them magicaly chained on large X's.

He scars their forehead removing their known spells (this way ingame they dont know 18 different spells). The librarians escape when the (grey knight still not sure) voleneraly stops his mechanical hearts, is dragged to the death plane (a plane covered in dead librarian armor, weaponary and skulls) he is then brought back to life when the remaining librarians still tied up reactivate one of his  hearts with focused telekinisis, he then ignites his other 2 hearts, recovers his weaponary slains 4 horors-lakeys and releases his brothers. He directs them to the death plane and they are advised to search for grey knight blades for killing demons and stormbolters (best gun).
They await for Kairos to reapear as he pulls through another grey knight they wound him with the storm bolters bleeds panics and exits the realm prison the librarians jump into the portal left behind him, They will slay scores of demons as they chase Kairos. My objective will be a portal.
also the newcomer grey knight will teach them hammerhands and the other grey knight spell.

My librarians will be might change, I want them to be colour full,

Blood Angel blue with red shoulder pad                rage
Space wolf sace wolf grey                                       frenzy
2 grey knights silver 1                                              fnp
Salamander  black with flames (will look like a legion of the damned)
Imperial fists blue with yellow shoulder pad
Ultramarine  all blue
White scars   whire
Exorsist librarian - Malachite Red 

I am trying to add alot of colours to the unit I got all black, all white , all spacewolf grey, red, silver, and variations of blue, I would like to cut the ultramarines for something more interesting.

Do you know any intresting sceme for librarian to recomend?

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