Friday, 21 December 2012

2012 - Looking back...

1) Nightlord rhino with combi melta  45

2) Ork objective

3) Vampire counts unit filler.

4) 10 nightlords 200p
 +10 nightlords 200

5) A vampire army 1800p

6) A chaos space marine nunrgle army 1850

7) Another chaos space marine nurgle army 1850

8) Small grey knight force 750p

9) Fantasy shaman 100p

10) 2 rhinos 1 pod 3 thunderwolfs 5 wolfs 5 terminators 15 troops. 715p

11) Nakay the anchient kroxigor 65p
That is about 7600p painted mixed 40k and fantasy. 20.8 points every day , which is 1 grey knight space marine every day, pretty impressive.
Obviously its not the quantity but the quality, some of my stuff is quite good if I might say so.

+ Lots of convertions,
still working on greek marines and parashute orks.

So plans for 2013,
1) Get married.
2) lose weight.
3) a few drop pods for firehawks and improve some minis 
4) Typhous and 81 zombies army.
5) Nighlords army
6) Greek Marines.

Not all will probably be completed and not in that order but we will give it a try.
If I dont post until 2013 I wish all my readers Merry Christmass and a happy new year, Health and strenght to you all!  And death to the falce emperor!

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