Monday, 15 October 2012

The two missing pages from the chaos Codex.

I have been whining like a little pig about the new chaos codex, when asked do you like the new book, my answer is more like "its ok", and I am sure some people will like it and even love it.

In a previous post before the new book was released I did some thinking, we all want a new codex but what do we want it for, what is wrong with it.

This is what I thought/said:

"What was wrong with the current codex? Do we want a new book just because its old?

  • I think the fact that you could mix gods in the list was a bit extreme. They partialy addressed this making the 4 marked units elites and the unlocking them with the correct lord. seems a reasonable change. 
  • Also some things seemed so good they made everything else redundant. For example demon prince with lash, I played them and loved them in my slannesh warband. Another example are obliterators the Swiss knife shooter makes havoks look bad. And they just got better with their terminator armour. I think they did a good job here but pretty standard (points upgrade), they fixed the points for raptors, havoks making them more desirable. Obliterators went down 5 points and can take marks but the reduced points for havoks and the fact that they are more wounds and can take AA missles makes them a good competitor. Lash got cut and i dont blame them even if it moved d6" it would be have been used.
  • Demons were pretty useless in the codex other for some fluff lists but now you can ally with Demons. Sorted but chaos Icons dont prevent scattering? Why?
  • Most of the characters are lacking cool factor, but I think this is been amended in the new edition.They did fix all the characters,, they are useful, fun and competative.
  • Also I want to make a nightlord Warband based on the nightlord series for a while now, but up until now I could not, or at least not a competitive one. Not achieved. "
and here was my wish list:
  • I would like to get 2 boxes of the possest raptors to create the bleadding eyes( nightlord demonic raptors) Not 100% sure about this box, I would have liked the old style jump packs. I will let you know when I start making the bleading eyes unit.
  • See if the new book can make a good nightlord list. It has improved priced units but no.
  • See how it will affect my nurgle army and my slannesh army. Fine if not better thought lost the demon princes cause of points.
  • Cultists
  • See this new flying mashine. Can I finaly but a chaos lord on a mechanical dragon? its ok, I thought I was going to buy one but no.
  • New plastic kits. Plastic cric and more obliterators? No.
  • I would also like to see a nightlord special character.  Fail fail fail. 
I would like to think I am a reasonable person I don't like the dragon and the beasts and the mutilators, I know some people that love them, even though some of them are 10-12 years old, or have the mindset of a 12 year old, or buy anything anyway or are a staff member or most of the above combined.
And thats cool people like diferent things and that is realy good. I don't mind lash got cut, or demons and defilers cost alot more. Or even icons changing. But gw did nothing for the people that are 25+ that have read the horus heresy and want to make a warband from the other 4 traitor legions, (alpha, night lords, iron hands and word bearers). I suppose with the warpsmith, dark apostle and cultist combined with allies can make a decent iron hands and wordbearers list.

I have been complaing about it on every blog the chaos codex is discussed, I keep saying 2 pages where all I needed to be happy. The normal space marines have 6 codexes could they not brake down the chaos one into 2-3 books, or at least sacrifice 2 pages as I will show you bellow?

Each legion set of rules is not more than 4 lines. Nice and simple, all the rules pre-exist thanks to 6th edition I could do more  and twist more into it , special units and characters but lets  not go there. It took me half an hour to write it up, 2 pages... they could not write for me 2 pages. Corect me if I am wrong but the nightlord novels have been one of black libraries best selling ones.

I am planing to present this at  GW headquarters, when and to who I dont know yet. I know nothing will come out of it. There is always the hope that they might split the chaos legions, or at least there is forgeworld, but preheresy means no bleeding eyes. who knows.

If you read up to hear thank you, please let me know if you think something is too powerful or not good enough. I am already thinking to make the d3 infiltrators in the alpha legion an auto warlord trait.

Were are some pictures:
A mark 4 nightlord, he will be preheresy for a facebook group competition. I am waiting for the forgeworld preheresy missile launcher.

 I have also been working on Xarl and Talos.

And for my plague marine army I am working on the jetbike

I have also started working on a new epidemius made with the new plastic nurglings (photos soon)

EDIT: I already got some feedback, d3 infiltrators is getting cut from the Alpha legion and the Night lords will get it as their default warlord trait. I think Alpha legion need another rule.

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