Monday, 15 October 2012

Lance-a-lot's Plague. Epidemius & Zombies.

My friend Lance-a-lot showed me this zombie offer from mantic.
£40 for 80 zombies not too bad....

So I put togeter a list knowing what second hand miniatures I got already. and we all know nurgle loves second hand damaged miniatures.

Let me just note that the list is currenntly illegal cause I have units of 20 zombie instead of 10 I am hopping for an FAQ or my opponent at friendly games will not mind.


20 zombies
20 zombies
20 zombies
20 zombies

10 plague marines zombie -zombie space wolfs

5 plague marines zombie -zombie space wolf

spawn mark of nurgle - zombie thunder wolf
spawn mark of nurgle -zombie thunder wolf

3 terminators
1 terminator
2 double lightning claws
2 fist


obliterator me mark of nurgle

Let me explain, I already have a LR and  terminators
One of them will be this chap I have had him for ages.

One of them will have a maul over his shoulder
and two of them will be with scythes (2 claws)

The zombies I will buy £40.
Typhous I will buy £15(£55)

The plague marines will be zombie space wolfs, (
I have some sprues and pieces, some bodies I will see what I can put together.
I have one single metal obliterator.

And last I will have as spawns 2 space wolfs hopefully looking like this:

I was thinking of buying 2 thunderwolfs but now I think I will but 2

Dark Eldar Khymerae £12(£67)


67 pounds not bad for such an army.

what do you think?


  1. Nice idea, where are the sycthes from?

  2. oh they are not mine, thats just a random pic of the internet. I will try to make them out of plasticard.