Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Resin and casting adventures.

 Good morning readers,
So I finished the first stage of my nurgle jetbike (counts as bike)

I really like my creation, and I think its better than other ones in the market, I have seen the forgewolrd one up close and they are very nice, but very expencive I dont want to pay £140 for 6 bikes.

So this weekend I made a 2 part mold.

Then late on Saturday I did my first casts the first 2 had a massice air bubble so I adde another 2 air holes.
Here is my third cast:

The bad side

The good side

the bottom
Even the bad side I can work with, I an quite happy of the result, so from here on it should be pretty automated:
  • Add rubber bands
  •  poor resin
  • demold
  • repeat
 I did get 3 very nice copies but then on my 4th demolding some of the resin was not set after 8 hours, I bind the cast an d cleaned the bad resin(it was in sticky gel form), and casted again, the same thing happenend.
Now from what I read I need to clean the mold with venigar and asetone. then try again.
Maybe I did not mix the resin well I do not know I will test the resin once more elsewhere before using it.

Also I have started playing Diablo again....

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