Monday, 1 October 2012

Nurgle Army (epidemius) for sale

Hello readers,

I have decided to sell my nurgle army and concentrate on my nightlords.

The army for sale is 1750p you can see it bellow (The Massive Nurgle Demon IS NOT IN THE SALE)

The army is painted with white dirty armour following the colour sceme of the Lords of Decay, the biggest warband of death guard.

The list in 1500 points is:
Demon Prince with mark of nurgle and wings, unique Custom made jump pack.

10 plague marines, champion with power fist, 2 plasma guns.

5 plague marines, 2 plasma guns .

Dedicated Transports
1 converted nurgle looking rhino

5  fully converted terminators with mark of nurgle, they are made out to be possesed orks.
3 fists 2 power swords and one reaper autocannon

3 Blight Drones (one is used in 1500, to reach 1750p simply add the other two) with vomit looking stands.

2 obliterators

1 defiler (forgeworld kit/ can be used in apocalupse games as a plague hulk)

Allies- Demons of Chaos
Epidemious One of a king, unique scratch built, made of green stuff with 2 slots for 2 10 sided dice, so you can track epidemius tally.

6 plagueberears

It is also a nice army to play with, most of your units have the mark of nurgle (demon prince, terminators, blight drones, plague marines, Epidemius  and plagueberears) so killing with them will add to Epidemius Tally.
Once it reaches 10, all followers of nurgle wound in close combat on a 2+.
Once it reaches 15 plaguemarines and plagueberears feel no pain becomes +3.
Once it reaches 20 all attacks (close combat and shooting) ignore armour saves!

For detroying vehicles you have a demon prince, 2 obliterators, the defiler and the plasma guns.
The defiler and blight drones templates are very good against infantry with ap3 templates.

With the army you get a display board with presloted spaces to fit the army, made with resin, water effect and some plaster.

A sheet of lord of decay transfers (various sizes, made by myself), incase you wish to expand the army.

Edit: SOLD

Thanks for reading

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