Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Kill Team- Talos on the run.

Good morning readers, 
Ι did an impulsive buy and bought the last gw kill team ticket, is anyone else going? 
I only bought it cause I thought it would be a great chance to play with first claw.
its 200p kill teams and you can give 3 models a special rule.
I am thinking giving mercurian Relentless, Xarl fleshbane, and Talon's Power sword master crafted.
first claw will be a unit of chosen, probably veterans, but I am also dancing with the idea of slannesh, I would also like some raptors but there are not enough points so maybe some sacrificial cultists or another claw.
I am making the list as I type:
  First and 4th claw.
5 troops 75
5 more  65
Veterans of the long war. 10

combibolter 3
Power weapon (MASTER CRAFTED) 15

Heavy bolter  10

Melta gun 10
Close combat weapon 2

Close combat weapon 2


4Close combat weapon 8

10 models, or  I could go for 5 chosen and 10 cultists.What do you think?

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