Friday, 12 October 2012

Chaos space marine lord.

 Hello readers! It's Friday!

Having sold my Nurgle army, the buyer asked me to make him a 1750 list, the army now seems to be around 2000p. With the defiler, and demon Prince going up alot in points. I did realize also that he needed a chaos lord with mark of nurgle to make the plague marines into troops.

So I let the buyer know I would be adding a chaos lord free of charge.
This is what I put together, still unpainted. 

I wanted the lord to be a bit bigger than the normal chaos marines,  so I have made him a bit bigger than normal marines but without been out of proportion.

I cant spray inside the house cause my girlfriend has asma, and it too damn cold in the shed.

and here are some pictures from my game this Wednesday vs necrons at the sons of war gaming club in Cambridge.

27 counters on epidemius

the demons like their chances

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