Monday, 16 January 2012

WIP of first claw and a review of the list.

Good morning and good week to you all.
I have been busy this weekend, my room looks like a bomb has hit it with sprues from grave guard to chaos vehicle scattered around the room.

Cause first claw is epic I used terminator legs for them, just then not the whole army.
Above you can see the parts used to make Mercurian.
 Chaos Terminator legs, Chaos heavy bolter chest shoulder pads and helmet, space marine terminator combat shield, bloodletter head, horror head. I also used some space marine pouches (not in the photo).
3 green stuf sessons later.

Uzas with mark of the Wolfen, eee I mean touch of Khorne.
 Zarl with his big chainsword that now in the picture looks to big, I might make it smaller. There are 7 pins in the hand chainsaw region.

And Talos is just a body I have ebayed his head and I am looking for a nice blood angel sword for him.

Reviewing the list.
I played 500p game and I went ok, I forgot Talon was in terminator armor and did a sweeping advance. Paying 275p for Talos seems to much to have a relentless bolter. Sure +1 attack and preffered enemy are cool but the price is too much.
I am thinking of having them as a 10 man grey hunter pack, split them in 2 unit of 5 1 of them is Uzas 1 of them asVariel. and 1  as Cyrion. Then add Talos as a Wolf lord  and Zarl as a wolf priest. Then beg my opponent to have a heavy bolter upgrade in the unit Mercurian for 5 points. the remaining hunter will be some unfortunate nightlord always taking the first hit. The lord will take 2 wolfs as chaos renegades.

Just going to write it out now.

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