Monday, 23 January 2012

Wip 1st claw part2

I don't think 200p of 40k have ever taken me so long to put together.

Cyrion-Xarl-Talos-Mercurian and 2 traitors.

You can see I bought a deimos pattern rhino for the first claw.
It still needs a few bits to be almost done. Etched brass iconography has been added, I also added the nightlord symbol on the back door. I also added some more skulls which are similar to my drop pod so they will match nicely:

I also sculpted the nightlord symbol on the drivers shoulder pad, and made the bolter into a twin linked.
I also cut a nozzle of a stormbolter and replaced it with a melta nozzle to act as a combi-melta.

Things I still need to do:
1)I want to be able to create come spare tracks hanging on the side of the rhino.
2)I also want to add the railing that the old rhinos had

3) Add some battle damage, the forgeworld how to paint tanks masterclass book had  a photo that really caught my attention, I looked like a meltagun blast the metal around the hole had gone bright orange.

Finally for the newly Faq'ed hatch doors (2 can shoot out of them) I want to paint this:

Its quite a challenge.
Back to first claw.
Uzas is missing from the picture cause he is almost finished, left in store cause I could not transfer him fresh green stuff.
Variel I have not even started.
The first claw consists of 6 members (Talos,Uzas,Cyrion,Variel, Mercurian,Xarl) I did not want to have another 2-4 random nightlord marines with them, so I will add 2-4 renegade troops to count as plain elite marines no weapon configuration. They are there just to suck up some wounds as any good nightlord would use a slave. These renegade slaves would prefer to face death than torture from a Nightlord. Those worthy in battle might receive the geneseed of fallen nightlords.
I am going to use enforcers for them I like the scary masks.

Also raptors are going to be sent back 1-2 months, I am going to buy a 3d printer and hopefully work some magic on those guys. Also gw will do plastic raptor hopefully so lets see. For now i will add another claw (chaos space marine troops) which I already have modelled.
So once more I rewrite the list (this is going to be  like version 3.2), I need to ask if I can not field an hq.

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  1. Looking awesome So far man...can't wait to see them finished!