Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Rhino ready to prime. A view of some details.

My first nightlord rhino is ready.
I was going to dedicate it to first claw (chosen chaos marines) but because of the size 500p I decided first claw are on foot, they can still infiltrate of outflank.
So here is the rhino with the old school rails.
The rails took me about 2 hours to make, alot of twisting and pipe cutting.

Etched brass in the front, the skeleton torso is from the nurgle banned in the chaos marine sprue, also a dark angel helmet.

green stuff stamp taken from a piece of gw ruined building

THis guy was made again from the nurgle banner the head isfrom the same sprue too. The chain was superglued after.

Nightlord symbol,  gasoline canister and a unsalvagable salamander terminator helmet taken from a space hulk. (From the short story "the Core" from the book "Fear the Alien"/Black Library)

Another severed head, and the melta gun shots, I think the red -orange -yellow around the holes will look nice against the dark blue, how a rhino can survive four  melta shots is beyond me or maybe that is the damage from one shot.

Sculpted chapter sumbol and a bit of etching on the lid.
And finaly I added another track. I had a few when I was a driver in the greek army, why not in the year 40.000.  I drove a APC called Leonidas 2, made in Greece.

Hopefully today I can get some colour on it. And this time I am writing down the bloody recipe.

A few thoughts:
 Chaos Space marine trophies; Space marine helmets and armor especialy is what i want to mention. I am very reluctant of adding space marine helmets as trophies, cause in the nightlord books from Aaron Dembski-Bowden you realy get the feeling of the lack of space marine weapons and armor, everything found is salvaged and reused. Sure its ultra cool to carry around loads of space marines helmets but is it realistic? Would you not save everything for spare parts?  In the book the nightlords tend to have skulls attached to bronze chain. I added the terminator helm because it is damaged beyond repair, I am sure the electronics where removed from withing before handed back to Lucoryphus.

Old style railing. My frind sanjay told me two intresting facts about the railing on the old rhinos when I told him I was adding them for my rhino:
1) You used to buy 3 rhinos for 9£. I dont think my mind can realy conceive the idea of that.
2) Space marines used to hang from the rails to assault.
  Whould that not be a nice idea for a rhino upgrade,
50p assault rail: marines can assault from a rhino.  What do you think?


  1. It's cool man, I love the conversion pieces you've done there!

    how did you like the new FW kit?

    1. Oh the kit is great, no airbubles, hardly no mold lines, fits together really easy and a reasnoble price. A fine kit indeed