Thursday, 12 January 2012

We will come for you! But where from?

 I had a better look at the night lord codex and it seems a bit underpriced and the fact that it is fan made might raise some eyebrows even at frendly games also I could not take it to tournaments. In the end I might use the nightlord book but I will also look for other options.
And see how close I can get to the first claw in the nightlord book.
But first of all what is first claw? (The following pics have been created by Slaine69 and taken without permision, he is very talented you can find him on deviant art he also accepts comissions, he is very talented and captured perfectly the details given on the nightlord books and applied them to his drawings.)

One thing the nightlord codex does is assignes the correct abilities and weapons per character in the story.
Note that all of the models in First Claw will need to be
modelled appropriately and clearly with WYSIWYG in mind.

 WARGEAR: (Cyrion)

Power armour, boltgun, bolt pistol, chainsword, frag and
krak grenades
 Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, 5+ Invulnerable
"I can sense your fear"
While Cyrion is alive, First Claw has the Counter-attack

 WARGEAR: (Mercutian)

  Power armour, heavy bolter, chainsword, frag and krak
SPECIAL RULES: (Mercutian)
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, 5+ Invulnerable
save, Relentless

 WARGEAR: (Variel)
 Power armour, boltgun, bolt pistol, chainsword, frag and
krak grenades
While Variel is alive, First Claw (apart from Uzas) has the
Feel no Pain USR.
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, 5+ Invulnerable

  WARGEAR: (Xarl)
Power armour, master-crafted boltgun, master-crafted bolt
pistol, frag and krak grenades
Executioner Chainblade
This massive chainsword gives Xarl +2 Strength.
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, 5+ Invulnerable
Wicked Shot
All of Xarl's ranged attacks are Rending.

Power armour, two close combat weapons (Chainaxe &
Glaive), frag and krak grenades
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, 5+ Invulnerable
save, Furious Charge
Uzas does not benefit from Variel's Narthecium.
Blood Frenzy
Uzas' close combat attacks are Rending.

And there is also Talos, the hunter, the prophet.
Note that there are two different profiles for Talos; one for
the squad leader of First Claw, and one to represent him
taking command over the 10th Company (and of course
you may only field one of them in your force).
Power armour, Conversion Field, frag and krak grenades
Aurum is a Master-crafted power-weapon that strikes at
Strength 5.
Sage's Bellow
This relic boltgun is an Assault 2, Master-crafted bolter.
SPECIAL RULES: (Talos, The Prophet)
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, Independent
Character, 5+ Invulnerable save
First Claw
Talos must be fielded together with First Claw, if both are
taken. Otherwise he must deploy with a Legion Claw unit.
Curse of the Father
Equal parts gift and curse, Talos' precognitive abilities allow
you to seize the initiative on the roll of 5+ instead of the
normal 6.
Not One Step Back!
All units with the Night Lord special rule gain the Stubborn
Echo of Damnation
First Claw, as well as all Night Lords Harbringers, are
SPECIAL RULES: (Talos, The Soul Hunter)
Fear Incarnate, Preysight, Night Lord, Curse of the Father,
Claw Primus, Stubborn
First Claw
Talos must be fielded in a Legion Claw unit.

The above configuration costs in total 280p. the unit has a +5 inv talos has +4inv, they have counter strike, stuborn, relentless heavy bolter, fnp some rending attacks.

So my first thought is to use space wolfs.

First of I start with mercurian we need a heavy bolter so I go for 1+1 longfangs.
The leader I turn act as Cyrion all space wolfs have counterstrike already, he is only missing a bolter. 15p
The long fang I set as Mercurian and give him a heavy bolter. 20p
For Uzas a crazy wolf guard with mark of wolfen (dont worry about the other 4 I will use them elsewhere.) 33p
Xarl is probably the hardest to build he has a +2 str chainsword and master crafted rendind ranged attacks.
The best I can do is make him a batle brother with a frost axe. The improved bs might compensate a bit for the master crafted guns. 95p
Variel gives fnp no way I can't get that in space wolfs. so I will leave him out or just add anothe battle brother.
And finaly we come to Talos. Cheesy Logan grimgar seems the be the right choice. He ticks alot of boxes.
Eternal warrior so my hero does not die so easy.
Can give the unit special powers like relentless for mercurian so they can move and shoot and change it to fearless and prefered enemy in the opponents turn.
He has a special frost axe.
He always hits on a +3 and has a +5 against psycik attacks.
Only drawback is his price and the terminator armor. 275p

So for a total of  438. I get 5 models (instead of 6) a much better talos, and 1 extra wound.

What about the other books?
Looking at chaos Plague marines would be tough with fnp but no customization. and just stick in a chaos lord.

Grey knights.
In grey knights take a unit of paladins,
make an apothecary
give one a spycannon for mercurian
I still dont like it cause they all have pw.

Blood angels
Priest and death company are tempting but again no heavy bolter.

Vanila marines.
Legion of the damned looks intresting.

I seem to like the space wolf build cause it need some thought and tinkering to get right.

I will make my decision in the following days.


  1. have you thought about Lone Wolves? they have FNP and can have a lot of wargear options.

  2. I did thanks but i can only take 3 of them and they cant going units.