Monday, 16 January 2012

Screw you Loyalists! Death to the false emperor and your false codexes.

I have seen the true power, as Conraz Curze received his punishment for his actions so will I. I want to use the 8th legion I will do it with the Chaos Space marine Codex. It might not have feel no pain, It might not have nightvision counter strike, it does allow me to field the first claw (With some minor counts as).
 Who knows maybe in the next 5 months the dark gods bless me with news of a new codex. For now it will do.
In big batles the first claw will hunt week units and tanks. Hunting tanks is not bad especialy in 5th edition.

my first 500p

Chaos Lord 90
pair of lightning claws 30
jump pack 20

Chosen Chaos space marines
Mercurian 18
heavy bolter 15
Cyrion 18
melta bomb 5
melta gun
Uzas 18
pair of lightning claws 20

Talos 18
Aspiring champion 10
power weapon  15
melta bomb 5
Variel 18
Melta gun
Xarl 18
2 slaves 36

rhino 35
Combi melta 10

5 raptors 100

total 499

I realy hope I dont change my mind again.
Sure Xarl and Talos are no super stars in this list but at least its WYSIWYG. Only Uzas is using a sword and a chainaxe as a pair of claws.
Now I need to make an old version rhino before the end of the month.
I will also attempt to make a pair of  chaos jump packs on a 3d program and see if I can get them printed.

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