Tuesday, 10 January 2012

We will come for you.

Today I am very excited, I just wrote my plan for the next 2 months of  modelling- painting.
Cambridge Games Workshop will be starting in February a tale of many gamers for 40k, 500p each month.
Though Cambridge store and gamers never seem to stick to a campaign for more than 2 months I am still exited and hopeful this will work. My thought of new year was to make a nightlord-red corsair army with first claw, bleeding eyes (raptor unit-very posesed) and huron him self with 20 terminators and 2 units of chaos marines as corsairs. This still might happen. but for now i have decided to make the army purely nightlord ouzing with characters from the book.
Rumor also has it that the chaos space marine book will be broken into 3 books containging 3 legions per book, the first containging night lords.

But my best discovery was a nightlord fan made codex book.
Which you can find here .
have a look and tell me what you think.
  • All nighlords have night vision and cause night fight for turn 1 on a +3. on a +6 for turn 2. If dawn of war its a +5 for nightfight turn 2. 
  • If the nightlords outnumber the enemy they are fearless, if less they can be automatically succeed in escaping from any enemy Sweeping Advances
  • Talos is 150p makes nightlords stuborn has a +4 inv, master crafted str5 power sword, master crafted bolter, makes first claw a scoring unit and steals initiative on a +5.
  • First claw is 5 men and no more for 150p with a +5 inv. each model a character in the story has something special to offer. Mercurian has a heavy bolter, cyrion gives the unit counter attack, variel gives FNP,  xarl has a master crafted bolter that causes rending and has a masive chainsword +2str, uzas has furious charge and rending cc attacks.
  • they can take (terror)drop pods.
To be honest I think they are a bit underprised but we will see that on the table. Maybe I am comparing them to the chaos book and not b.a or g.k books.

Anyway my first 2 months look like this.

Talos 150

First Claw 130

legion claw 90
Melta gun 10
legion claw 90
terror pod 35

total 505
Read Fear the allien

Chaos lord 95
Convertion field 15
pair of claws 30
jump pack 20
outflank 10
furious charge 10

bleeding eyes
raptor unit
10 raptors 230
2 melta guns 20

Terror pod 35
1 legion marine 16
melta gun 10


and now time for some eye candy.
This is a dread claw I made ages ago still unpainted

and some nightlord troops

So the plan is end of this month to build Talos and first claw. Also before the end of the month i will have painted the terror pod for a forum competition. During febuary i will buy a box of posessed and mix with normal chaos marines. I also need to do some sculpting and casting of raptor heads and claws and jump packs.
I am also working on a large forgeworld space marine, I am hacking him up to make mercurian Nightlord of the first claw with heavy bolter, my favorite weapon in space marine the game.


  1. looking good buddy!Keep it up!

  2. Your night lords are looking great, i've just finished Soul Hunter and now have a burning desire to do some night lords but risisting the impulse so far.