Thursday, 16 August 2012

When Chaos arrives where will you be?

So rumors want Chaos Space Marines to be coming in September. I want to set some questions and would like some answers, please take 2 minutes to reply.

What was wrong with the current codex? Do we want a new book just because its old?

  • I think the fact that you could mix gods in the list was a bit extreme. 
  • Also some things seemed so good they made everything else redundant. For example demon prince with lash, I played them and loved them in my slannesh warband. Another example are obliterators the Swiss knife shooter makes havoks look bad. And they just got better with their terminator armour.
  • Demons were pretty useless in the codex other for some fluff lists but now you can ally with Demons. 
  • Most of the characters are lacking cool factor, but I think this is been amended in the new edition.
  • Also I want to make a nightlord Warband based on the nightlord series for a while now, but up until now I could not, or atleast not a competitive one.
1) What do you think? What was bad with the old book?

2)What are you looking forward too with the new release (based on the rumors)?

  • I would like to get 2 boxes of the possest raptors to create the bleadding eyes( nightlord demonic raptors)
  • See if the new book can make a good nightlord list.
  • See how it will affect my nurgle army and my slannesh army.
  • Cultists
  • See this new flying mashine. Can I finaly but a chaos lord on a mechanical dragon?
  • New plastic kits.
  • I would also like to see a nightlord special character. 
3) What would you wish for?

4)What will you be building when chaos hits your store?

  • Will you be using them for basing for your ultramarines?
  • Will you start a new army, with an allience?
  • Will you continue an army and add stuff?
  • Just ignore it? 

I am probably going to continue my nightlords 

Why I have not yet airbrushed this yet is beyond me.
I am also thinking of a wordberers demon allience and an IG(or cultist)-demon alliance with some fortification


  1. 1. The main thing "wrong" with the 4th ed book is not in itself, it's in what came after it, making it struggle against newer releases.

    Within the codex itself, there were some imbalances and disconnects, like Plague Marines getting FNP, fearless, etc. but a Nurgle lord not being able to get FNP and terminators not being able to get FNP or fearless. The Cult Troops were more advanced than the guys that led them. Oblits were awesome, almost mandatory if you wanted a power list.

    Some mechanics especially suffer in 6th, like icons being even easier to snipe out.

    That said, on its own, it's a great book. Tons of options, ability to make all sorts of armies, cult, aligned, unaffiliated, or a mix. Great kits to go along with it. For just building and having fun it's a fantastic book.

    2) Looking forward to cultists, and seeing what kinds of armies can be made with the new book. With Daemon or IG allies, plan to have fun with various Lost and the Damned type builds.

    3)I'm hoping for some measure of external balance, so that CSM are competitive but not overwhelming. I'm really hoping for serious internal balance, so that choices are hard to make and that you can't flip through the book once and immediately pick out the no-brainer units and choices. I'm hoping for the start of a trend where the codices take advantage of what 6th ed offers, like extra warlord traits and so forth.

    4)I plan on CSM to be my main project for a while, reworking old figs plus new kits into the Endless Ones, a big mix of renegades and traitors so I can do a little of everything. A big Nurgle component is pretty likely too.

    1. I agree with everything you pointed out.
      It is a good book, but still looking forward to ome change.
      And I recently felt the lack of FNP with the termies and lord when Epidemius makes FNP 3+.
      Thanks for your thoughts.