Thursday, 23 August 2012

Greater Deamon of nurgle almost done/ Second plague marine army about to start.

Good Morning Warhammer folks,

Good news the greater deamon from FW is almost ready, he only needs some pigments on the sword and some gloss on his exposed flesh. Have a look:

Better pictures when all of them together soon 5 norks to paint left and thats the army and board done.

Second Nurgle Army
Because the above army was an experement and soon going up for sale, I want to make make a nurgle army with epidemius focusing on plague marines, this might change if nurgle terminators get FNP in the new book.
But for now it looks like 3-4 units of 7 plague marines and 1 x7 plaguebearers.

I dislike metal, I' dont want to pay a fortune for FW resin crack, and cant be bothered with overpriced failcast. I actualy like the 3rd edition plaguebearers sculpted by Jes Goodwin or maybe I am just a hipster.
25 out of the 28 planned 3 could not be restored

Thats all for now.

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