Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nurgle orks / Final Nurgle list.

Orks need a bit more green stuff but almost ready. Alsoo I need to add 2 power weapons.
I will use them as terminators, 3 fists  and 2 p.w. with 1 reaper autocannon

The skink is for comparison.

THE final list is:
Demon prince nurgle jump pack

10 plague marines Champion fist two plasma guns rhino
5 plague marines 2 plasma guns

5 terminators 3 fist 2 p.w. 1 reaper autocannon 4 2 twin linked bolter

2 plague drones

2 obliterators
1 defiler

6 plaguebearers.

I am planing building a similar list but with 4 units of 7 plague marines and 7 plagueberers, 2 plague drones epidemius This might be the fastest army I have ever painted.

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  1. Awesome! Really look forward to seeing this progress!