Monday, 13 August 2012

Nurgle armies on parade Progress 2.

Little progress on the board this weekend, I was away on Saturday and on Sunday I got busy creating slab stones for my garden.

The board will display 1750points + a greater deamon of nurgle forgeworld which I think is 777 points.
So once dry I will spray paint then add some goo and green resin. I also need to drill and pin each model, good all dremel will do all the hard work. Also I am buying a new glue gun today.

 Non Wargamming topic.

The majority of Sunday was spent working on another project that pleases the fiancee, stepping stones for the front garden! The are two path ways  to Helen shed/office one from the garage and one from the house.
So I thought to design the two tiles as two pieces of a pizzle that join at the end a bit like Helen and me that are paths are seperate and then join and become one.

Designing the 2 tiles.

Building the tile.

Ready to pour the silicone.
Demolded this morning. My biggest mold yet.
 Next step will be to oil it and add the cement. Hope it all goes well.

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