Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Looking for this miniature... \ epidimius

Hello all,
I have alot of nurgle love these 2 last months.
I would like to buy of you any plastic nurgle marines you have from 1st edition chaos.

 If you have any of these I will trade/ buy them off you, I dont care if they are painted of glued or still on sprue.

On other notes the comissioned space wolfs are done and sent off, my last commision a 2000p ghoul vampire count army is going well too, yesterday I glued the 2 terrorgeist. Once I paint them then I have only a necro and a ghoul to paint.

For the nurle army I am currently working on, the rhino is done . Apologie no pictures, so to recap
 10 death guard done
5 death guard done
rhino done
2 oblit done
defiler 50% painted
blight drone unasembled
demon prince green stuff stage
5 terminators /nurgle orks 3 built 2 need green stuff

Epidemius done
10 plaguebearers receiving them on Friday hopefully.

2 years ago on summer holidays in Greece, during siesta time I had a go at large scale sculpting

 I think he will now make a good epidemius model. Just need to put him on a round base.

Thanks for reading, dont forget if you have any of that nurgle model let me know.


  1. ive got 5 of those plastic nurgle marines.
    though they have utterly horrible globs of paint on them, very thick. and two are missing arms (ones been replaced with a lump of greenstuff, gun and shoulder)

    throw me a contact address and ill email you a pic. ill just want payment for postage.