Monday, 6 August 2012

Flyers in 6th edition.

Today I am going to talk about the biggest add on in 6th edition, flyers.

I have played about 10 games of 6th edition, luckily only a few included flyers. I have not yet been punished for my lack of anti air. Below are some basic guide lines about flyers. Maybe in some games you can ignore them, but what happens if you face 3 stormravens (and is that a viable list?)?

  • If you can't beet them join them- most simple way is to add your own flyers and have some aerial dog fights with your opponent.
  • Ally with someone that can.
  • Aegis defence line with AA
  • Imperial Armour Aeronautica  

 Space marine choices
I had a quick browse at Imperial aeronautica,
for space marines It seems there AA options are stormeagle, Storm Talon, Mortis contemtor and Caestus assault ram, tempest land speeder and finaly their Space marine air defence line missle launcher.

I think this is the one I liked the most. It costs 35p and comes in a unit size 1-3. it has 2 wounds and T6.  Which means it can die by multiple bolter shots but it will not by a single close melta shot. I am comparing it to the contemptor in my mind, the contemptor can cost 155-210p and can die by a close up melta or a lance,with the same points you get alot of missle launchers. Also these machines have interceptor meaning that before they get a chance to take you done you do, (you get to make a shot if they enter your range but you can't shoot. If memory serves me correctly it also is twin linked. There dissatvantage is that you cant move them around. There is only one real problem... I went to check the forgeworld web site, the price for ONE of these models is 21 pounds. Aouchhhhh. I will try to make one from rhino parts and the drop pod missile launchers, I might even blog a how to.

Chaos space marine choices
Also on the book Chaos have 4 flyers, the pod, the blight drones, the talos and the hell blade are now all legal for 40k + what ever they get in the new book, rumour has it  that chaos is getting a mechanical dragon that can assault flyers and get to reroll when shooting flyers.

Valkeries tons of variant flyers and some AA tanks.

They can not ally and they only have 1 flyer which i don't know if its even 40k legal

Orks are a bit different, I think tank busters are quite good, normally hitting on 5s so snap fire does little difference. but thats just an untested theory, aegis defence might be a solutution I will be trying not sure what bs you should use the orks? or the grots?

Orks also hahe some relately cheap flyers to tackle other flyers.

Eldar , Dark Eldar, Necrons
They seem to have some nice hi tech aircrafts dont think the are missing anything.

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