Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nurgle orks part 2.

Good morning all,

I have been quite exited about this new army, I also did a change in the list.

It all started when I realized I was a few points over with the terminators. Also carrying a combi melta and a scythe is quite hard. So I removed them from the list thought they may be back, i like the idea of waiting for the terminators to appear and rolling for them.
I took out the special character grotsnik and replayced him with a warboss which is cheaper and makes the meganobs troops.
I added a blight drone, its already ordered. That and a demon prince and a rhino from ebay.
Three of the five Meganobs are almost done the other 2 are put together but need some green stuff sesions.

 I made them gorila like with nurgle infenstations, Even though meganobs they are not wearing much armor, I wanted them primal, I imagine bolter shoots just sink into their body or just remove loads of roting flesh. I did give them twin linked shootas to avoid confusion, for a power claw I used minotaurs fists, the torso was from a plastic savage boar boy and then I build it up with mucle reaching a warboss in size. The arms are either nobs, ogre or minotaur.

So up to know my list looks like this

Demon prince of nurgle wings (jump pack)    

·              10 Plague marines                                    
 champion fist
2 plasma guns

·        5 Plague marines, 2 plasma guns            

Blight drone                                             
2 Obliterators                                              
Defiler (nurgle forgeworld)                       

Warboss Mega armor                                  
Cyborg body
Attack squig

5 meganobs                                             


    that is 1415 points.

     Initialy I thought to paint them as death guard then i stumbled uppon the Lords of decay chapter from          the  IA7  book. I though it would look cool cause all plague marines are painted green.

    I keep saying to my self I will paint them fast. But now I want to show them some love and do a good job.

I I started painting the plague marines. I think I have gone too white. I am going to give them another go today.

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