Thursday, 12 July 2012

Back from Diablo and my holidays

Yes this blog is still alive,

I am back after Diablo3 and my holidays.
6th edition has rekindled my hobby mojo, and I am hopping to paint 2-3 armies this year.

Holidays in Crete were great, lots of sun sea rest and great food. Went for 2 week, which is not to short but not too long either. First week some friends of mine came  along so I showed them around my homeland.

I also got engaged which makes me happy.

I am officialy bored of Diablo3 and I dont know why, is it cause I am 9 years older? I stilled played D2 last year.
The graphics are great, the auction houce does not affect me, what is it? I just cant see my self doing the same thing again and again. I am going  to let it go and try guild wars2.

Next post (today) hobby related.  

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  1. Welcome back dude, I had wondered where you had gone but I know Diablo3 got a lot of us! Seems to be the same sentiment around the net and amongst my friends, everyone played it so much they burnt out on it in such a short amount of time and felt the playability between the difficulties was not really good enough.

    Congrats on getting engaged, that's great.

    Keen to see which armies you will be working on this year.